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Discover how smart glass is pushing the limits of what glass can do. Our blog covers everything from design inspiration to installation and the answers to FAQs.

May 6, 2023
Experience the Innovation: See How Smart Film Transformed This Home Entrance

Discover how smart film transformed this ordinary glass entrance into a dynamic feature that provides privacy, security, natural light and novelty for guests in this rental property. Smart film is a great addition to any space- creating unique and memorable experiences.

March 17, 2023
How to Wire Smart Film & Smart Glass: The Complete Guide

Use these top techniques to make sure your smart glass wiring for windows, glass doors, and sliding doors is done correctly. There are many clever ways to wire and control smart glass, allowing you to have privacy whenever you need it.

February 3, 2023
See the Future: Smart Glass in New Paul Kane High School

Smart schools choose smart glass. When the Alberta government was tasked with designing a world-class educational facility, smart glass technology was an essential component. Find out more about why smart glass has become such a popular choice for schools worldwide.

Converting Your Windows Into a Projection Screen with Smart Glass and Smart Film

Smart glass technology provides privacy, natural light, and a stunning projection surface, making it ideal for corporate presentations, home theaters and retail displays. With the flick of a switch, the transparent pane transforms into a frosted projection screen.

Optimize Your Living and Work Spaces with Smart Glass Sliding Doors

Smart glass and film are a modern and elegant privacy solution for sliding glass doors. Smart glass sliding doors optimize available space with privacy on demand, making them popular for homes, conference rooms, hotels, hospitals and virtually any other space.

What Is Smart Window Tint?

Step into the future with Smart Tint– windows and glass doors that shift from clear to frosted at your command. Discover how smart film works, its versatility, and easy installation. Transform spaces, enhance privacy, and embrace innovation with the magic of Smart Tint!

Keep Your Space Safe and Stylish With Smart Film & Glass For Hurricane Windows

Smart film & glass redefine hurricane protection in coastal homes. Seamlessly blending safety & style, these innovations offer privacy, security & aesthetic upgrades. Discover the future of hurricane windows with Smart Glass Country.

Designing Tomorrow, Today: The Smart Glass Revolution in Public Spaces

Architects, designers, and builders have a unique opportunity to reshape the places where we work, socialize and connect. Smart Glass technology emerges as a beacon of innovation, enabling us to navigate the complexities of public space design in an ever-changing world.

10 Reasons to Become a Reseller of Smart Glass and Film

Discover the power of becoming a reseller of smart glass and smart film. Expand your business effortlessly without inventory worries, offering innovative glass solutions for modern spaces. Benefit from competitive pricing, expert support, and a versatile product range.

Privacy at Your Fingertips: Why Smart Glass is the Answer for Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor to ceiling windows provide beautiful views and natural light, but often come with privacy concerns. Smart glass and smart film offer customizable privacy and energy efficiency, as well as a stunning minimalist aesthetic.

Are Smart Glass and Smart Film Waterproof?

Are smart glass products fully waterproof? That's a question we get asked often, and in this article, we aim to provide an in-depth answer. Keep reading to find out how to protect your privacy glass or window film from water damage.

Let Light In and Enjoy Privacy On Demand: Smart Glass is Revolutionizing Interior Design

Smart glass technology offers a versatile solution to balance natural light with privacy needs. It can switch opacity from transparent to frosted on-demand, enhancing aesthetic appeal, promoting energy efficiency, and increasing security and safety.

Luxury Home Automation With Smart Glass and Film

Luxury homes are incorporating smart home technology in their designs to provide privacy, comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency – this includes smart glass and smart film.

Smart Glass: Know Before You Buy

Smart glass and smart film switch from clear to frosted instantly, these technologies provide instant privacy at your fingertips. Read this article to find out everything you need to know before buying privacy glass!

The Importance of Smart Glass for Window and Door Manufacturers

Switchable glass and privacy film are becoming more and more popular for windows and doors. As a result, window and door manufacturers need to integrate smart glass and smart film into their solutions.

What Are the Disadvantages of Smart Glass

Smart glass is a novel technology that has transformed residential and commercial spaces by providing privacy on demand. However, this innovation comes with a few disadvantages, depending on your needs. Keep reading to find out if smart glass is right for you.

What Is the Use of Smart Glass?

There is no denying that smart glass has great potential and applications across various industries from commercial spaces to homes and medical clinics. Keep reading to learn about the key uses of smart glass and smart film.

Revolutionizing Luxury Yacht Design: Why Smart Film is a Game-Changer

Yachts are luxury spaces that need privacy to match the premium interior design and elegance that they offer. Privacy is a key aspect of any yacht and to meet this requirement, the innovative technology of smart glass and smart film is the perfect solution.

Smart Glass: The Ultimate Privacy Solution for Bathrooms

Smart glass has become a must-have feature for the new age's modern bathroom designs. Not only does it give bathrooms a sleek, high tech look- it also enhances privacy, convenience and cleanliness. Keep reading to discover the benefits of smart glass for bathrooms.

What Are Smart Windows and Why Are They the Future of Window Design?

Windows are no longer just a source of light and ventilation. Smart window technologies such as smart glass and smart film, are revolutionizing the way we control privacy in our homes and workplaces. Keep reading to find out why you should rethink the way you use glass.

Can Smart Film Be Used Outdoors?

With the growing popularity of smart glass and smart film, many are curious about their potential for outdoor use. While these technologies are versatile, it is important to note that they are not created equal when it comes to durability in outdoor environments.

Is Smart Glass Energy Efficient?

Smart glass technology is a revolutionary innovation that enhances user privacy by turning opaque upon demand. Beyond its exceptional privacy control capabilities, smart glass also presents an energy-efficient solution to modern-day environmental challenges.

The Best Smart Windows for Privacy

Maintaining privacy in our homes and workplaces can be challenging, especially with windows overlooking busy areas. Smart glass windows provide an innovative solution for controlling privacy. With switchable glass, windows can instantly change.

Does Privacy Glass Let Light In?

Privacy Glass is a game-changing solution for those looking to balance privacy and natural light. Its PDLC technology allows it to switch between opaque and transparent states. When transparent, it lets natural light flood in just like traditional glass, making it perfe

Smart Glass: The Future of Retail Space Design

Traditional retail spaces need to be creative with their stores to attract foot traffic and engage customers. Thanks to smart glass and smart film, retailers now have the power to create a captivating shopping experience while enhancing store security.

What Is Electric Window Film?

Electric window film is a modern and innovative solution that provides both privacy and energy efficiency benefits. It can be applied to a range of glass surfaces and can switch between transparency and opacity, offering users a versatile solution.

How Smart Glass Office Fronts Create More Productive, Sustainable and Secure Work Environments

Smart glass office fronts offer a solution that not only enhances sustainability and safety, but also improves employee well-being. Investing in smart glass is a forward-thinking decision that benefits a company's triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

How to Transform Any Office with Privacy Smart Glass for Conference Rooms

Transform your office with the power of privacy glass. Smart film and glass instantly modernize any space, giving conference rooms a dynamic new look to inspire innovation. See for yourself why smart glass technology is revolutionizing workplaces worldwide!

Where Can I Buy Smart Glass?

Smart glass technology is becoming a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike, offering numerous benefits from privacy to energy efficiency. But where can you buy smart glass and film? How do you order it online? How much does it cost?

Smart Film For Dental Office Design

With the ever-evolving technology of today, dental clinics can now bring life to their interiors. Smart film is a cutting edge option that transforms ordinary glass surfaces into dynamic design elements - providing privacy when needed and acting as projection screen.

What Is Smart Film?

There’s been a lot of talk about smart film and its benefits but many people are left wondering exactly what it is and how it works. Let’s uncover what privacy film is, how it works its magic, plus the many ways we can take advantage of using this revolutionary tech!

Is Smart Glass Worth It?

While it’s obvious that smart glass and film provide privacy on demand, there’s much more to these products than meets the eye. Discover what's making switchable glass so popular among interior designers everywhere, how much it costs and whether it’s worth the hype.

What to Know When Choosing a Window Company

Selecting the right window replacement company and quality new windows can be a daunting task. If your home's existing frames have become damaged, outdated or inefficient due to age, an accident or other issue - you don't need worry!

The Smart Choice for Smart Homes: High Tech Privacy Windows

From allowing you to control how much visibility your house gets, to filtering out harmful UV rays - high tech privacy windows equipped with smart glass or smart film offer a stunning style upgrade for any space.

The Pros and Cons of Smart Privacy Glass

Unlocking the potential of windows, Smart Glass is a groundbreaking technology that can drastically increase the versatility of any space- yet despite its many advantages there are some limitations that should be considered.

Why Smart Glass Sliding Doors Are Such a Trend

Read this article to find out why smart glass is becoming a more and more popular choice for sliding doors in offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and luxury homes. Enjoy privacy on demand while being able to open up your space whenever you like.

Why It’s So Important to Use UL Certified Smart Film & Glass

Our switchable smart glass and smart film products meet international standards and have undergone rigorous testing for your peace of mind. Keep reading to find out why Smart Glass Country is a leader when it comes to creating outstanding privacy glass and film.

Top 5 Smart Glass Technologies

Nowadays glass can do so much more thanks to scientific advancements. Read this article to learn about the latest developments in glass technology and how they can enhance your space.

Is Smart Glass Expensive?

Like any luxury product, smart glass is more expensive than ordinary glass. However, switchable glass and film provide much more value and truly push the limits of what glass can do. Read this article now to find out the cost of smart glass and film and whether its righ

Make Your Company Stand Out With Smart Glass

Smart glass and film create flexible workspaces and memorable experiences for anyone who visits your office. Read this article to discover 6 ways smart glass can be used to make an impact on office design.

Best Windows For Beach Houses

Oceanfront homes feature stunning views and often feature more glazing than your typical home. Therefore it is essential to choose the right windows for your beach house. Keep reading for tips on enjoying your view while protecting your home and keeping it comfortable.

Smart Film For Small Space Design

Switchable glass technology enhances small space design by creating spaces that adapt to users’ needs. With the push of a button smart film and glass go from clear to private. Keep reading to discover how smart glass makes compact spaces look bigger, brighter and better

How To Wire Smart Glass & Smart Film On Doors

Smart glass and film can be installed on all kinds of door types from standard swing doors to sliding doors and even frameless doors. Keep reading to learn how smart glass can be wired to give any glass door clean look free from wires, curtains or blinds.

Smart Film For Modern Home Offices

Smart film and glass are the perfect solution for home offices in open floor plans. Read this post to discover the advantages of using switchable glass walls to create dynamic workspaces.

Does Smart Glass Block UV and IR Light?

Ordinary glass only blocks 25 percent of UVA light while smart glass and film block up to 99 percent of UVA rays. Read this article to learn more about how smart glass protects the interior of your space while providing privacy on demand.

Smart Glass Cost and Smart Film Price

Each piece of privacy glass is manufactured to the exact specifications of the customer. But here are price ranges for smart film and smart glass cost.

How to Control Smart Glass and Film

There are lots of ways to control smart glass and film that are far more modern than curtains and blinds. Keep reading to learn how to control smart glass with voice command, smartphones, door locks and more!

Design Open and Secure Spaces with Smart Glass Technology

How can you design an open, connected space that is also safe and secure? Smart glass makes spaces feel bigger and brighter while providing privacy on demand. Learn how Smart Glass enhances security in schools, offices and public spaces.

How Smart Glass and Smart Film Improve School Lockdown Procedures

Switchable glass makes schools and universities more secure by providing instant privacy. Smart glass goes from clear to frosted in a fraction of a second, enhancing lockdown procedures.

Smart Glass or Smart Film? Which is Best For You?

Smart glass and smart film go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing instant privacy. Learn about the difference between smart glass and smart film to help you decide which product is best for your project.

How To Wire Smart Glass

One of the most common questions we get asked about installing smart glass is ‘how to hide the wires?’ The truth is there are lots of clever ways to wire smart glass on windows, walls and doors- it all depends on your installation scenario. Keep reading to learn more!

Smart Film: The Perfect DIY Project

Use your time at home wisely. Instantly transform your living space with Smart Film that goes from clear to frosted, providing privacy on demand. Don’t take any risks by having contractors come into your home, smart film can easily be installed as a DIY project.

Enhance Safety With Security Window Film

Protect your valuables from intruders, storms, earthquakes, vandalism and more with security window film. Keep reading to find out how security film can enhance your glass windows, doors and walls.

How Smart Privacy Glass Prevents Contamination In Healthcare Settings

Privacy curtains, window curtains and blinds pose a contamination risk in healthcare environments. Discover how smart privacy glass offers superior cleanliness and protection against pathogens such as drug resistant infections and the novel coronavirus.

The Cost of Smart Glass and Smart Film

What is the price of smart glass and smart film? How much would it cost for my project?

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Smart Glass

While most people understand that smart glass and film go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, many people are unaware of all the benefits of smart glass. Keep reading to learn 5 things most people don’t know about smart glass.

Window Coverings For Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors are a great way to save floor space and optimize natural light and views. Read this article now to learn about window coverings for sliding doors and innovative alternatives to traditional window treatments like smart glass and film.

UV Darkening Film Makes Spaces More Comfortable and Energy Efficient

UV darkening film (also known as self tinting window film or photochromic film) is an innovative passive technology that makes glass transform from clear to dark with sun exposure. Click ‘Read’ to learn more.

Why Governments And The Military Are Designing With Smart Glass

Switchable glass and film offer privacy, security and soundproofing in a single solution. This makes PDLC technology a great option for increasing security without putting limits on design options in government and military settings.

How Insulated Smart Glass Units Enhance Privacy and Energy Efficiency

Insulated glass units (IGUs) provide superior thermal performance and insulation. Smart IGUs do this while providing privacy on demand. Keep reading to discover the ultimate high performance glass solution for exterior facing windows and glass doors.

Smart Glass Customizations: Switchable Blinds, Logos, Artistic Designs and Colors

Discover how businesses are adding a ‘wow’ factor to their commercial spaces and artists and filmmakers are using our technology to make an impact.

Transform Ordinary Glass Into Rainbow Glass With Prismatic Window Film

Prismatic window tint can be applied to any glass surface to turn it into dynamic rainbow glass that changes color with the angle and light. Keep reading to learn more about this trendy new window film.

Discover How Smart Glass Helps Create the Optimal Modern Workplace

A modern office must meet the needs of productive employees as well as potential clients, and it should reflect the values of the company that works there. Smart Glass Country’s products are an effective tool when it comes to designing today’s modern offices.

How Long Does Smart Glass Last?

Smart glass and smart film are innovative privacy solutions that outlast most window treatments. High quality switchable glass products that are properly installed and cared for will last for decades and never go out of style.

The Truth About Smart Glass and Film

While switchable glass and film are innovative products, there are a few things you should be aware of before purchasing them. Discover what most smart glass manufacturers aren’t telling you and how to avoid low quality smart glass and film.

8 Ways Smart Glass & Smart Film Can Be Customized

Switchable film and glass are custom made products and this customization goes above and beyond the dimensions of the product. Read this article to discover how smart glass and film can be tailored to your unique needs.

Maximize Natural Light in Healthcare Facilities with Smart Glass Technology

Light is a healing force. Natural light increases the productivity and morale of healthcare workers while decreasing the length of hospital stays. Smart glass is an innovative solution for many of the design challenges unique to healthcare environments.

Why You Should Choose Smart Glass For Sliding Glass Wall Systems

As spaces get smaller and more glazing is incorporated into architectural designs one thing is obvious- glass must do more! Smart sliding glass wall systems are a truly dynamic solution to many of the design challenges faced when working with glass.

High Tech Window Treatments For Modern Spaces

Say goodbye to traditional curtains and blinds and hello to these high tech window treatments. Whether you’re looking for shade, privacy or a modern touch of luxury, one of these innovative options will suit your needs.

Smart Film Installation -Overview-

Smart Film can be installed as a DIY project without installers. No special equipment is required and the necessary tools can be purchased from any home hardware store.

How to Choose the Best Smart Glass for Your Upcoming Project

Here are five questions to ask yourself while shopping around that will help you get a handle on which brand of switchable glass is the best choice.

What Is Low Iron Smart Glass?

Interested in smart glass but worried about haze? No worries, low iron smart glass offers increased clarity and better color without any compromise on quality and strength. Read this article to learn more.

The Smart Project: Switch To Switchable Glass

Have you ever imagined the same piece of glass could change from clear to opaque and back again? Now, this thought is a reality. Smart Glass Country is you one-stop shop for all of your smart glass needs.

Why Smart Glass Is Becoming So Popular In British Columbia

While we sell and ship our products all over North America, we are a Canadian company and all of our products are manufactured at home in British Columbia. Read this post to see some of our projects in BC and discover why smart glass is so popular.

Why Smart Glass Is The Perfect Solution For Home Privacy

Imagine if you could switch any window, glass wall or door from clear to frosted with the push of a button. Now you can thanks to smart glass technology. Keep reading to discover how smart glass can make your home more private and secure.

Make an Impact With Smart Film Logo Designs

Logo, drawings, text and sceneries can be embedded in your smart glass installation in corporate environment.

Smart Glass Upgrades Offices & Conference Rooms

Smart glass and film instantly make any office space more modern and versatile. See our smart glass in action in conference rooms and learn more about how privacy glass can improve the design and productivity of your office

How to Measure for Smart Film

In order to determine how much smart film you need for your order you must send us the dimensions of each glass surface and the quantity required. We cut the window film to your exact measurements, so it’s important to be as accurate as possible.

How Window Tint Affects Your Energy Bill

Window tinting is a great way to save on your energy bill and has other benefits for your home. Smart glass window tints can block out the sun’s heat, keeping you and your family cooler in the summer. They also help keep warmth in during winter, saving you even more mon

Why Privacy Glass Is a Smart Investment

Smart glass is a great long-term investment because it is modern, minimalistic and overcomes many of the design challenges of glass. Read this article to find out all the advantages of smart glass and how it will save your time, effort and money.

How to Trim Smart Film

You will receive your smart film precision cut to your exact specifications and prewired. However, there may be instances where the film needs to be trimmed on-site. Here are the ins and outs of cutting smart film outside of a factory setting.

Privacy Glass For Smart Luxury Homes

As more and more glass is being used in luxury homes, the concerns over home privacy and security are on the rise. Read this article to see why smart glass and film are the perfect solution for the modern smart home.

7 Ways Choosing the Wrong Smart Glass Supplier Can Ruin Your Vision

While smart glass products are highly customizable and easy to install, the company you choose to order from has a significant impact on your final outcome. There are big differences in quality when it comes to switchable glass technology.

Bird-Friendly Smart Glass Solutions

Bird-friendly glass is a great solution whether it’s UV marker glass, ceramic frit or etched glass. Enjoy privacy on demand and peace of mind with our bird-friendly smart glass options.

Minimalist Office Design With Smart Glass

Glass is a great way to make offices feel more open and connected while complementing minimalist design. Smart glass and film are innovative window treatments that make glass instantly become private without adding clutter.

How Smart Glass Makes Your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter

Using glass is one of the best ways to make any space feel bigger, brighter and more open. However, privacy is often a concern. With Smart Glass you can enjoy all the benefits of designing with glass without any compromise on privacy.

How Smart Glass Helps Hospitals Adapt to Changing Demands

Modern hospitals must balance a positive healing environment with strict privacy and hygiene standards while creating spaces that can rapidly be adapted to changing demands. Discover how smart glass helps architects design better hospitals.

How COVID-19 Will Change the Way Offices Are Designed

The coronavirus pandemic will change many aspects of our society, including the way offices and public spaces are designed. Expect to see more automation and touchless control options in the future, including innovative solutions such as smart glass technology.

What Is Smart Glass and What Does It Do?

Smart glass goes from transparent to opaque with the application of electrical current. This makes it a great window treatment because it is like having curtains or blinds built into the glass. Read this article to learn more about switchable glass.

How Smart Glass Overcomes the Challenges of Open Office Plans

Imagine an office that could instantly transition from open and connected to private and focused. Discover how smart glass is revolutionizing the way open office plans are designed by creating flexible solutions that adapt to the needs of all employees.

How Do Smart Glass and Smart Film Work?

Switchable glass products go from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch. While this may seem like magic, it is simply the interaction of liquid crystals and electricity. Discover the science behind our privacy glass and film.

Our Most Popular Smart Security Glass Solutions

Smart glass can be combined with security glass to create the ultimate privacy and security solution. Keep reading to discover how fire resistant, ballistic, blast resistant, attack resistant and cyclone proof smart glass are making spaces more secure and modern.

Building Smart Glass Box Extensions

Build a custom glass extension without any compromise on privacy, heating and cooling costs, glare from the sun or outside noise. Our glass extensions are equipped with Smart Glass to create dynamic glass box structures that adapt to your needs.

Curved Glass With Built-In Privacy

Curved glass makes spaces look modern and creative with eye-catching lines. However, fitting traditional window treatments to bent glass can be a challenge and hide the glass. That’s why curved smart glass with built-in privacy is the ultimate bent glass solution.

Create Safer Schools with Smart Glass Technology

Smart glass technology addresses many of the health and safety challenges that schools are facing today. Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted on demand, acting as a barrier against pathogens and providing instant privacy.

Beyond Privacy: Patterned Smart Glass Designs and Logos

Smart glass offers far more than a practical privacy solution. Switchable glass technology can be used to create artistic designs, logos and patterns that truly give your space a ‘wow’ factor by appearing and disappearing from the glass.

How Smart Glass Boosts Productivity and Profits In Offices

Natural light makes for a healthier, more productive workplace. These benefits translate into reduced costs and increased output for companies, which improves their bottom line. Design with smart glass technology to increase exposure to daylight in offices.

Why Smart Glass Is Becoming a Design Trend In the Hotel Industry

Smart glass and smart film help hotels stand out from the competition by providing privacy on demand, making rooms look more spacious and wowing guests. Keep reading to discover why smart glass is becoming a major hotel design trend.

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