Smart Glass for Retail and Hospitality

Smart glass and film create unforgettable customer experiences with privacy on demand.


Smart Glass For Smart Hotels

Smart glass goes from clear to frosted when powered on and off, providing instant privacy.

Switchable film and glass give hotels flexibility when designing rooms and common areas.

'Designing hotels in urban centers with sky high real estate prices poses a major challenge when it comes to using space efficiently.

Switchable glass walls help us make our rooms look bigger and brighter and really impress our guests!'

- - Sylvia Cromwell, Hotel Design Partners

Make Ordinary Glass Extraordinary

Smart Film

Switchable film is applied to any glass surface, making it a popular choice for commercial lease properties looking to adapt their existing glass windows, walls and doors.

Dynamic Displays

Logos and artistic designs can be embedded in smart privacy glass to create dynamic displays. When opaque, smart glass can even be used as a projection screen!

Open Spaces

Hotels, restaurants and event venues use smart glass walls, switchable glass doors and partitions  to make them look more spacious.

Easy to Clean

Cleaned just like regular glass, smart glass is much more convenient and easy to maintain than curtains or blinds and will never go out of style.

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The Future of Commercial Design

Smart film and glass add novelty, convenience and a touch of luxury that creates memorable customer experiences.

Switchable designs, logos and patterns can be embedded  in smart glass to create stunning displays in lobbies and reception areas.

Transform Your
Space Today

Any type of glass can be made switchable and we offer smart glass IGUs, low iron glass and curved glass.

Imagine How Smart Glass Will Work for you

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