We Make Ordinary Glass Extraordinary

We always strive for perfection and push the limits of what glass can do.

Smart Glass Country: The Smart Choice

We have dealt with countless installation scenarios and offer innovative customizations and wiring solutions.

Boeing, Google, school boards, hospitals, architects and designers choose us because we offer the best combination of quality and price.

How We Add Value

We are always improving our new products exploring new applications for smart glass technology.

Get competitive pricing on smart glass and smart film with out compromising on quality.

We've handled every installation scenario you can imagine and have clever wiring solutions for doors.

Become a reseller or one of our established glaziers or film installers and we will refer business to you!

Customer Service
Our is here every step of the way to answer your questions and provide more information, both before and after ordering smart glass.

Installation Network
While we don't perform installations ourselves, we have a network of glaziers and window tinters across the USA & Canada to assist you.

Any type of glass can become smart glass and we can create custom designs, including switchable logos.

Our logistics team works hard to ensure our products arrive when and where you require them.

We stand behind our products, that's why we back our privacy film and glass with a solid warranty.

Become a Partner or Installer

Interested in winning new business? Become a reseller and purchase our smart film and glass at a discounted price for your customers.

Join our database of glaziers and window film installers across North America and we will refer our customers to you for installation.

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