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Switchable glass and film instantly go from clear to frosted, giving you privacy at your fingertips.

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Enchanced Office Enviroments

Smart Glass and Smart Film go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand.

Our clients amaze us everyday with innovative new ways to use Smart Glass Technology in their homes, schools, clinics, hotels, offices and even movies!


Smart Ways to Use Smart Glass

Office Spaces

It's never been easier to balance privacy with an open office plan. Simply use smart glass and film for glass partitions and doors to create a connected office space while minimizing noise and distractions.

Meeting Rooms

Maximize natural light and office space by equipping conference rooms with switchable glass. Smart glass adds an instant 'wow' factor to any meeting space.

Clinics & Hospitals

Smart glass is increasingly popular in healthcare facilities. Why? It's a cutting edge technology that is convenient and impressive. Smart glass is extreamly hygienic and holds no dust.

Schools & Public Spaces

Privacy glass and film add an invisible layer of security to any glass window, wall or door. Smart glass is also safety glass that deters break-ins and has built-in soundproofing properties.

Smart Homes

Smart film is popular among homeowners because it is easy to retrofit to existing windows, glass walls and doors. Smart glass adds a touch of luxury to any condo or house.

High Tech Hotels

Switchable glass and film add a 'wow' factor to hotel rooms, lobbies and amenities that is sure to create memorable experiences, positive reviews and standout from the competition.

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''Smart Glass helped us win a project for a city office building and create a wellbeing focused design that consisted of connected, open office floors and switchable glass individual offices and conference rooms.''

- Jacob Lieberman, DMS Design

‘We were looking for a faster way to secure areas in the event of a lockdown. Smart glass has added an invisible layer of security to our safety procedures. Most of the time, these spaces are transparent and open, letting the light pour in. However, staff have peace of mind knowing they can change the glass to opaque should there ever be an emergency.’

- Scott J. Noble, Defence Construction Canada

As designers, we've embraced smart glass to blend security seamlessly with our open, light-filled designs. This technology allows us to offer clients the best of both worlds: airy spaces that can instantly become private and secure at a moment's notice. It's a revolutionary way to integrate safety without sacrificing aesthetics, giving both us and our clients peace of mind.

Karl Gaschler

Modern. Functional. Efficient.

Smart glass and smart film products are an impressive, streamlined solution for many of todays design limitations.


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Any type of glass can be made switchable and we offer smart glass IGUs, low iron glass and curved glass.

‘One of my clients had come across Smart Glass and requested it but I wasn’t sure because I had never worked with this type of product before. Smart Glass Country answered all of my questions about installation and wiring.

Installing the Smart Glass was much easier than I expected and my client was very impressed with the result.’

- Gary Woodill, Sun Valley Contracting

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