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With so many possibilities and applications for Smart Glass and Smart Film products it’s no surprise that there are so many questions.

We have a compiled a list of answers to common questions for your convenience.

How does smart glass work?

When the electricity is switched on the liquid crystal molecules align themselves and the glass becomes clear. When the power is off the liquid crystal molecules relax, scattering the light for a frosted effect.

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What is the difference between smart glass and smart film?

Smart glass contains the switchable PDLC layer sandwiched between two pieces of laminated and tempered safety glass and is installed just like regular glass. Smart film works the same way, but is simply the PDLC film combined with an adhesive and applied to existing glass.

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How are smart glass and film switched from clear to frosted?

Switchable glass and film are controlled by switching an electric current on and off. This is accomplished via a remote, smartphone app, home automation system, wireless control, a set timer or a smart door lock.

I already have glass installed? Do I need to replace my existing glass?

No, you don't need to replace the glass. You can simply apply smart film to any existing glass surface to transform it into switchable glass.

Can I become a reseller or distributor of your products?

We’d love for you to get in touch. You can purchase samples of our smart glass and film by emailing us at Please note that there will be a limited number of resellers for each territory so act fast.

How much do smart glass and film cost?

The cost of your smart film or glass depends on your project size and requirements (for example embedding switchable logos, ordering insulated glass units or other unique specifications). In general, the cost of our smart film ranges from $30-45 USD per square foot and the price of our smart glass ranges from $99-140 USD per square foot. Get in touch with us today to get an estimate.

How do I determine the quantity of Smart Film my project will require?

Simply measure the width and height of the glass. Read this article for tips on taking measurements.

How do I get started?

Ready to get privacy on demand? Simply contact us and share your project details. Our product advisors will be happy to help you find the best solution possible and get the ball rolling. 

Applications & Technical Properties

Do switchable glass and film completely block the light?

No.  When switched to opaque smart glass and film allow over 70 percent of the light through while providing privacy and cutting glare.

Can smart glass and film replace curtains and blinds?

Yes, smart glass and film act as an electronic blind.

Can you use smart film to reduce glare /bright light?

Yes, our switchable film and glass reduces glare by diffusing the light. It does not, however,  have the same effect as a black out blind or UV darkening film, so it is best suited for applications where you want to cut the glare without significantly reducing the amount of natural light.

How clear is smart glass?

Privacy film and glass contain tiny liquid crystals that make glass go from clear to opaque. Smart glass and film are extremely clear but due to their composition, they are not as clear as plain glass.

Smart Glass Country’s products have the lowest haze rating on the market at below 4 percent. If you want even clearer glass, we recommend ordering low iron smart glass.

Is smart film suitable for outdoor use?

PDLC smart film is typically used for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, it is recommended to use smart glass.

Is smart film suitable for outdoor use?

PDLC smart film is typically used for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, it is recommended to use smart glass.

Can smart glass and film be combined with other products?

Yes. Switchable glass and film have many applications. Our products can be used with x-ray glass and two way mirrors. Smart glass can be installed in double or triple glazed units and as individual panels or entire glass walls. Switchable glass can also be ordered in traditional clear or tinted various colors.

How are privacy glass and film controlled?

Smart glass and film can be controlled in a variety of ways including remote controls, buttons, wall switches, smartphones, home automation systems and voice command. Watch this video for more info:

Is your smart glass and smart film UL rated?

Yes, our switchable film and glass products are UL rated for quality assurance and your peace of mind.

How much power do switchable glass and film consume?

Smart film consumes less than 5 watts per square meter.  For perspective, 10 square meters of smart film or glass consumes less energy than one LED bulb.

Can you project images and video onto smart glass?

Yes. When the glass is switched to opaque it can be used as a rear projection screen.

What is PDLC glass?

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) is the technical term for smart glass that relates to the liquid crystals responsible for its switchable effect.

How thick is switchable film?

Our privacy window film is 0.38 mm thick.

How thick is smart glass?

Our standard smart glass is 12 mm thick, about ½ an inch. Custom thicknesses are available. Contact us for more details.

Do PDLC glass and film block UV rays?

Yes, smart glass and film  block 99% of UV rays.

Are smart film and glass eco friendly?

Switchable glass products consume very little electricity and increase natural light, decreasing the need for artificial light. They also block IR and UV radiation and reduce heat gain, which can save energy that would otherwise be spent on air conditioning systems.

How is smart glass used?

Smart glass and film are becoming more and more popular for smart homes, offices, meeting rooms, schools, hospitals, spas, clinics and hotels.


How do I purchase smart film or glass?

Ready to order smart glass or film? Contact us today and share your project details to get started. If you would like an estimate, be sure to include the dimensions of the glass area in question.

What regions does Smart Glass Country serve?

Most of our customers are located in the United States or Canada, but we can ship our switchable glass and film anywhere in the world. 

What other costs will I need to consider?

Along with the film or glass, other costs include transformers, installation, electrical installation and shipping.

What are your payment terms?

All of our switchable products are strictly on a pro forma invoice basis once we have given you a quote which you have signed. We will only start to manufacture the film or glass when you have paid a deposit, usually 50% and then we will require the remaining balance prior to shipping. We submit an invoice to you by email and provide you with our bank details or credit card payment options.

Can smart glass be supplied with drilled holes and cutouts?

Yes. Smart glass can be delivered with precut holes for door hardware, hinges or whatever else you may require. This service is provided at no additional cost and is recommended over cutting or drilling into the glass after production. All we need are detailed drawings indicating the exact location, size and shape of the cutouts.

Does switchable film and glass come in special shapes such as triangles, circles, arched windows etc.?

Yes, just provide us with a detailed drawing. Smart glass will be delivered precisely cut to the desired shape while our smart film can usually be trimmed on-site. Chat with one of our product advisors today to sort out the details. 

Does smart film come in other colors?

Yes, privacy film can be supplied in various colors including grey, blue, red and yellow. Please note that the glass will only switch from clear to frosted, not from clear to colored and the color will always be visible. 

Can smart glass be curved?

Yes. We can manufacture bent smart glass for your project. Contact us today to get started and read this article for more details on our curved smart glass.

Can you create switchable designs or logos?

Yes. We can embed switchable artistic designs, patterns, blinds and logos in the glass for added impact. Learn more>>

What is the difference between adhesive smart film and non-adhesive smart film?

Adhesive Smart Film has a backing that can be peeled off for easy application to existing glass. It is very similar to applying a screen protector to a phone.

Non-adhesive Smart Film does not have a peel and stick backing. Instead it is applied using double sided tape. The tape can be supplied with the film or purchased at any hardware store.

Can smart glass be made bird friendly?

Yes, we can manufacture smart glass with patterns and dots to reduce collisions between the birds and the glass. Refer to this article for more information.

Maintenance & Warranty

How do I clean smart film?

Privacy film should be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser that is free from harsh chemicals. Pay extra attention to the edges of the glass to be sure that fluids do not collect in the corners and along edges during the cleaning process.

How do I clean smart glass?

Smart glass can be cleaned just like regular glass with glass cleaner or alcohol and a soft cloth. should be cleaned with a soft cloth.

What is the lifespan of smart glass and film?

Switchable glass products can be powered on for at least 100,000 hours. This makes the average lifespan of smart glass 15-20 years. Read this article for more information on how long smart glass will last. 

Do smart glass panels require any special maintenance?

As long as proper voltage is maintained, switchable glass panels do not require any special maintenance.

Where can I find more information about your warranty?

Please visit our warranty page for specific terms and conditions of our smart film warranty and smart glass warranty. 

How do I make a warranty claim?

To make a warranty claim we will need videos of the problem area. You can submit them on our upload page. Please remember that for orders placed after March 1st, 2022  we will only accept warranty claims for warranties that have been registered. Please contact us for more information.  


Does Smart Glass Country provide installation services?

We only provide installation services near our headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. We have a large network of installers across the USA and Canada, so please contact us for recommendations. Our smart glass can be installed by any glazier and our smart film can be installed by professional window film installers or as a DIY project.

We have dealt with every installation scenario you can imagine and have developed innovative wiring solutions for operable glass surfaces and provide comprehensive installation instructions.

Do I need to hire a qualified glazier to install smart glass?

Although privacy glass is high tech it is installed the same way as most other glass panels. Therefore, it can be installed by any glazing contractor and we will work with the company of your choice.

What is a busbar?

Busbars are conductive copper strips attached to switchable film that allow an electrical cable to be connected. They conduct  electricity to  the PDLC layer within the film, making it clear.

How do you install smart film on glass?

Smart film is applied to existing glass in a manner similar to applying a screen protector to a phone. Watch this video for complete installation instructions:

Can smart film be trimmed?

We precision manufacture each piece of switchable film to your exact specifications. If the smart film is a little bigger than you need you can trim it with scissors or a knife to cut off the edges of the film, in order to change the size. For large adjustments, it is best to use a special cutting table.

Read this article for more information on trimming smart film.

How do I connect smart glass or film to a power source?

Like most electronic devices, all you have to do is plug smart glass and film into a power outlet and it is ready to operate. You can also plug in the controller and download an app from the Apple Store or Google Play to control the glass from your smartphone.

What is the input voltage for switchable glass and film?

220 VAC, 110 VAC are accepted with a power transformer.

How many transformers do I need?

This depends on the amount of film that needs to be powered and whether you want various pieces of film to work together or separately.

Can I control multiple smart glass panels with a single transformer?

Yes. Multiple panels can be wired to operate with one transformer. A single transformer can control up to 100 square feet of PDLC film.

Can smart glass or film be installed on doors?

Yes. Privacy glass and film can be installed on all kinds of doors, including sliding doors, swing doors and folding doors.

How do I wire smart privacy glass?

There are lots of ways to wire and control smart glass. Watch this video for more information:

My installer has never installed smart film/I have never installed smart film. What should I know?

Don’t worry, countless people have installed smart film successfully and no special equipment is required. As long as you follow the instructions carefully you shouldn’t have any problems. Just avoid the common mistakes outlined in this video:

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