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With so many possibilities and applications for Smart Glass and Smart Film products it’s no surprise that there are so many questions. We have a compiled a list of answers to common questions for your convenience.

How does Smart Glass Technology Work?
Do switchable glass and film products completely block the light?
Can Smart Glass or Film be combined with other products?
How do you switch Smart Glass and Film from clear to private?
What is the average cost of switchable glass and smart film per window?
How many controllers do I need?
Can Smart Glass Technology be applied to my existing windows?
How do I determine the quantity of Smart Film my project will require?
How do I clean Smart Film?
How do I convert my glass into a high-definition TV?
What are the environmentally friendly properties of Smart Glass and Film?
How do I connect Smart Glass products to a power source?
What is the difference between Adhesive Smart Film and Non-Adhesive Smart Film?
Does Smart Film have to cover the entire window or panel?
Where can Smart Glass Country products be shipped?
Do Smart Glass and Smart Film products come with a warranty?
What if I want to be a distributor or reseller?
What are the technical properties of Smart Glass Country’s products?
Optical and Sound

Light Transmittance

Light Reflectance


UV Block

IR Block













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