Smart Film

Privacy film applied to existing windows, glass walls and doors to transform them into switchable glass!


Smart Film is the Smart Choice

Already have glass installed?

Smart film is the perfect retrofit option because it's easy to install. It provides same switchable effect as smart glass without replacing the glass.

Smart film, also known as smart tint, instantly goes from clear to private when powered on and off.

Smart Film Is Extremely Versatile

Smart privacy film adds unique value to any space. Smart film is great for both residential and commercial designs.

Our clients are using PDLC film in clinics, storefronts, homes, conference rooms, office partitions, hotels and much more.



Smart film is a quick and easy way to turn any glass surface into a high tech design feature. People fall in love when they see smart glass in action.

Once you experience the convenience of smart glass, you’ll never go back to ordinary glass.

Easy to Install

Installing switchable film is as simple as applying a screen protector to a smartphone. Watch 1 min video.

Looking for Inspiration and Information?

Privacy Walls

Swing Doors

Sliding Doors

Folding Doors

Office Partitions

Freestanding Systems

Order with Confidence

Some companies over promise and under deliver, turning a vision into a nightmare. Don't let it happen to you.

Our smart film is manufactured in North America, allowing us to control quality while keeping lead times to a minimum.

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How To Order
Smart Film


Tell us more about your project and ask us a question.


Once we have the specifics about your project we will send you a quote. Smart film prices range from $35-45 USD per sqft.


After your order is custom made we will ship it to you! This typically takes 3 weeks.


Smart Film is easy to install and we provide detailed video instructions for smooth installation.

Follow up

We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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Glass Today

Smart Film makes spaces bigger and brighter without any compromise on privacy.

See For Yourself! 

‘We share an office floor and only get natural light from one side of our office. We applied Smart Film to the interior glass walls in offices and meeting rooms to allow natural light to flow through the entire space.

We integrated the film controls with Siri so whenever we want the glass switched to private we simply say 'Turn off the glass'. Our clients always love it!’

- Karl Gaschler, KGA Architecture & Design

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