Smart Film Installation

Learn the ins and outs of installing smart film.
Access our expert tips and avoid common pitfalls.

The Key to Smart Film Success!

Our switchable smart film is premium quality and will work beautifully for many years if it is installed properly.

While smart film is easy to install, it does require some expertise and attention to detail- so we have prepared this installation guide to ensure your smart film installation goes smoothly.

Preparing to Install Smart Film

Ensure a flawless application by prepping your installation area properly. 80% of installation mistakes come from improper preparation! Fortunately, these mistakes can easily be avoided.

Top Installation Mistakes

In this video we outline the most common mistakes people make when installing smart film and how to avoid them.

It is quite easy to avoid these mistakes as long as you read the manual and don't rush through the process.

Innovative Wiring Solutions

Privacy glass can be installed by your local glazier, but we share our clever wiring solutions and industry expertise. Download our smart glass specification sheet for more details.

Wiring Smart Film

Now that you have applied the smart film to the glass, it is time to wire the smart film and connect it to a power source.

Wiring Smart Film On Doors

Smart film can be used on any type of door🚪 including swing doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, patio doors and retractable glass walls.

We have all kinds of innovative wiring solutions.