Smart Glass for the Modern Office

Smart glass makes offices functional and high tech with privacy on demand.


Enchance Offices with Privacy Glass

Now you can create dynamic office spaces that seamlessly transition from open and connected to private, confidential and distraction free. All you need is Smart Glass!

‘We had a conference room in the middle of our office floor that was blocking a lot of natural light and making our office feel smaller.

We replaced the walls with Smart Glass walls and now our space feels a lot bigger.

Whenever we need to have a private meeting we simply switch the glass to opaque, which always impresses our clients!’

- Jonathan Chan, Prestige Software Services

Smart Glass for Smart Offices

Conference Rooms

Smart glass instantly adds a 'wow' factor to any boardroom and makes it easy to host confidential meetings. When frosted, privacy glass can be used as a whiteboard or rear projection screen!

Open Office Plans

Increase transparency without compromising on privacy or electronic smart glass. Minimize distractions with switchable glass partitions and office walls.

Natural Light

Research has proven that increased access to natural light boosts productivity and employee morale. By incorporating smart glass into your office design you can create a healthier work environment.

Energy Efficiency

Significantly reduce spending on lighting and air conditioning in commercial spaces and reclaim office space near windows. Switchable glass consumes minimal energ, provides superior insulation and minimizes heat transfer.


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Give workers the best of both worlds: an open, transparent working environment with the option to have privacy at any given moment.

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Any type of glass can be made switchable and we offer smart glass IGUs, low iron glass and curved glass.

‘One of my clients had come across Smart Glass and requested it but I wasn’t sure because I had never worked with this type of product before. Smart Glass Country answered all of my questions about installation and wiring.

Installing the Smart Glass was much easier than I expected and my client was very impressed with the result.’

- Gary Woodill, Sun Valley Contracting

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