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SMART GLASS FOR OFFICES and meeting rooms

Create contemporary conference rooms, offices and partitions with Smart Glass Technology.

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ENHANCED office environments

Experience design freedom like never before with privacy on demand. Switchable glass gives architects and office managers the opportunity to create dynamic, open office spaces with natural light flowing through them while boosting connectivity and employee morale.

Smart Glass and Smart Film go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand. When powered on, the PDLC liquid crystals align, creating transparency, when the electricity is powered off, they scatter the light and create opacity.

‘We had a conference room in the middle of our office floor that was blocking a lot of natural light and making our office feel smaller. We replaced the walls with Smart Glass walls and now our space feels a lot bigger, more open and connected and we don't have to use as much artificial light. Whenever we need to have a private meeting we simply switch the glass to opaque, which always impresses our clients!’

Jonathan Chan- Prestige Software Services, CA

Modernize Your Office Space

smart glass office
smart glass boardroom
Meeting Rooms

Conference rooms equipped with electric privacy glass go from clear to private with the flick of a switch. While the glass is opaque it can also be used as a screen for presentations.

smart glass office
smart glass office
Open Spaces

Show off commercial spaces with Smart Glass partitions for rooms, windows and doors. Switchable glass and film are great solutions for small spaces.

smart glass office
smart glass office
Reduce Glare

Enjoy the view without the glare. Self-tinting switchable glass and film allows you to keep the view while cutting the glare. When the sun is at its brightest the glass will be its darkest.

smart glass office
smart glass office
Natural Light

Reduce the need for artificial light and the associated costs by maximizing natural light. Smart Glass is energy efficient and reduces heat transfer.

Trusted By

'After discovering smart glass for our home and easily installing it, my wife and I are so happy. We love our smart glass!'

Gill&Ron, Miami, FL

smart glass applications

'After we experienced smart glass in our office we noticed more light and the switchable glass adds a 'WOW factor' to our boardroom!'

Veronica Gregorio, New York, NY

smart film privacy

'Smart glass transforms areas in our office. Now, whenever we have important meetings and need privacy, we just push the button! That simple.'

Teresa Moore, Long Beach, CA

smart glass boardroom

'Smart glass helped us balance student privacy and school safety. Plus we can use smart glass as a whiteboard! Brilliant product!'

Dave Rubby, NJ, Interior Designer

smart film design

'We use smart glass as partitions or walls to increase privacy and security for our clients. As a designer, the ability to go from clear to opaque with the simple flip of a switch is like magic!'

Andrea Williams, KY

smart film arcitecture

'Installing smart glass in our law office converted our boardroom into private haven where we can conduct confidential meetings.'

Dan Holland, Chicago, IL

smart film law office

Elegant and Effective Solutions

Our competitively priced switchable glass and film products allow office workers to enjoy an open, transparent working environment with the option to have privacy at any given moment.

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Enjoy Natural Light

smart glass office

Natural light promotes productivity and positivity. Our self tinting smart glass feature allows you to maximize daylight and open up office spaces while maintaining privacy on demand.

When the sun is peak intensity the glass will be at its darkest so you can enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of sunlight all day long.

smart glass house

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Ask about out products, pricing, implementation, or any thing else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success.