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The days of blinds are over. Switch your glass from clear to frosted with smart glass technology.

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Innovative SMART GLASS Solutions

Smart Film and Smart Glass go from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand. Switchable PDLC film is applied to existing glass while switchable glass is installed just like regular glass.

All of our electronic glass products are manufactured locally in North America, allowing us to control quality while keeping lead times and costs to a minimum.

Advantages of smart glass technology


Enjoy the clean lines of glass and natural light without obstructive curtains or blinds.

Energy efficient

Reduce heating, cooling and lighting costs by minimizing heat transfer and providing natural light.

Easy to Install

Smart glass is installed just like regular glass and smart film can easily be applied to existing windows.

Open Space

Create connected spaces with operable electric glass walls, partitions and doors.

Sound Protection

The sound proofing properties of PDLC film keep noise out and conversations in.


Switchable glass products can be customized to nonstandard sizes and shapes.

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In an effort to help prevent the spread of infectious disease,
we are offering a discount of up to 50 % off on Smart Film orders
and free shipping for healthcare and public spaces.

Experience privacy on demand In ANY SETTING

Elect glass can transform and modernize any space, whether it is residential or commercial. Smart glass products have been used in homes, conference rooms, offices, schools, military buildings, clinics, hospitals, hotels and even as a special effect in movies!

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The wrong switchable glass supplier can turn your dream into a nightmare. Don't let it happen. Order from us!


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Our premium quality electric smart glass products, competitive pricing and industry experience make our solutions stand out!

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Ask about out products, pricing, implementation, or any thing else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success.