Smart Glass

Make ordinary glass extraordinary with switchable glass that goes from clear to private on demand.

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Modern and Minimalistic

Experience design freedom  and create spaces that transform from open to private in a fraction of second, making spaces feel bigger, brighter and more connected.

Smart glass contains a switchable PDLC layer that alters light transmission.

Smart Glass Is
The Smart Choice

Smart glass is extremely versatile. Any type of glass can be made switchable whether it is triple glazed, an insulated glass unit, curved smart glass or low iron smart glass.

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Smart glass can be used on operable glass windows, walls and doors with innovative wiring solutions for sliding doors and retractable glass walls.

Once you experience the convenience of smart glass, you’ll never go back to ordinary glass.

Maximize Natural Light

Smart glass makes it easy to incorporate extensive glazing into any design without worrying about privacy or glare from the sun. When opaque, smart glass blocks 99% of UV light.


Order with Confidence

Some companies over promise and under deliver, turning a vision into a nightmare. Don't let it happen to you.

Our smart film is manufactured in North America, allowing us to control quality while keeping lead times to a minimum.

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Smart Glass


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Once we have the specifics about your project we will send you a quote. Smart glass prices range from $99-125 USD per sqft.


After your order is custom made we will ship it to you! This typically takes 7-9 weeks.


Smart Glass can be installed by any glazier just like a regular glass.

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Smart Film makes spaces bigger and brighter without any compromise on privacy.

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‘One of my clients had come across Smart Glass and requested it but I wasn’t sure because I had never worked with this type of product before. Smart Glass Country answered all of my questions about installation and wiring.

Installing the Smart Glass was much easier than I expected and my client was very impressed with the result.’

- Gary Woodill, Sun Valley Contracting

Innovative Wiring Solutions

Privacy glass can be installed by your local glazier, but we share our clever wiring solutions and industry expertise. Download our smart glass specification sheet for more details.

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