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FOR MEDICAL Applications

Smart Glass and Smart Film are a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing solution to the privacy requirements of healthcare facilities.

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Save Time and Money With Smart Glass Technology

Hospitals and doctors offices are places where efficiency and streamlined design are paramount. By installing switchable glass healthcare facilities can create open, connected environments while maintaining privacy.

Modernizing Healthcare Facilities

smart glass medical
smart glass hospital
Clean and Sanitary

Spaces can instantly be made private. This has added security benefits and switchable glass is often installed in security stations and interrogation rooms. The soundproofing nature of Smart Glass has made it popular in the military.

smart glass nursery
smart glass nursery
Increase Control

Electronic glass is easily controlled via remote, smartphone or automated systems. This makes it easy for nurses and patients to adjust their privacy and lighting conditions without having to move.

smart glass sliding door
smart glass door
Cost Effective

Smart Glass Technology pays for itself in energy and cleaning savings. By maximizing natural light, reducing heat transfer and being more hygienic switchable glass and film help healthcare facilities cut costs.

smart glass office
smart glass room
Open Spaces

Clinics are often small and hospitals can be confining. Smart Glass and Film creates clear, open spaces that can be made private with the flick of switch. Smart Glass can be designed for specific applications such as X-Ray Smart Glass for X-Ray units.

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Our Switchable Glass products can be customized for any commercial space and Switchable Film products can be applied to existing glass.

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Modern Medical Spaces

We have transformed many health care environments and helped them better utilize their resources. Smart glass for medical applications improves healthcare services.

Smart Glass performs great in our emergency rooms in reducing noise. Amazing soundproofing and easy to clean and keep germs free!

Diana Boiko, Colorado, Denver

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Ask about out products, pricing, implementation, or any thing else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success.