Curved Glass With Built-In Privacy

Curved glass makes spaces look modern and creative with eye-catching lines. However, fitting traditional window treatments to bent glass can be a challenge and hide the glass. That’s why curved smart glass with built-in privacy is the ultimate bent glass solution.

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Curved glass complements the design of any space and is free from intrusive corners and distracting lines. It is ideal for conference rooms, clinics, reception areas and anywhere else that you want to make a statement that is forward thinking and out-of-the-box. However, once you have ordered and installed bent glass you probably won’t hide it with curtains or blinds, plus these window treatments can be expensive to tailor to the curvature of your glass. You also may want privacy at times. Then what is the solution? 

Curved Smart Glass

Smart glass goes from clear to frosted when powered on and off, providing privacy on demand. Simply flick a switch, press a button, use your smartphone or make a voice command and the glass will instantly switch to opaque. This allows you to show off your curved glass without any compromise on privacy or natural light. Bent smart glass still allows two thirds of natural light through when switched to frosted, blocks UV and IR light and cuts the glare from sunlight.

Advantages of Bending Glass

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the curvature of bent glass makes it highly load resistant and an excellent choice for structural applications. When it is specified and detailed properly, it can also minimize deflections. Curved glass also has great strength and durability against temperature fluctuations.

Curved Smart Glass In Offices

By installing switchable curved glass in conference rooms you can choose between an open and transparent meeting space or have privacy with clients and teams.

Curved glass also makes an impact in reception areas and common spaces by increasing openness and elegance.

Curved Glass In Clinics

Many dental clinics, cosmetic treatment centres and spas use smart glass because it makes them look bigger and brighter while maintaining privacy during treatments. We have had many projects where designers have opted for bent smart glass because of its corner-free, streamlined appearance.

Curved Glass In Residences

Bent smart glass instantly makes any home look more luxurious and unique. We’ve had our switchable curved glass used in many homes in both interior and exterior applications. 

How Much Does Curved Smart Glass Cost?

Curved glass is a beautiful custom glass product, therefore it is not cheap (and if it is- it’s not high quality!). A single piece of curved glass for a partition or window typically costs several thousand dollars. A custom window treatment that follows the curve of your glass is often very expensive as well, as the curtain track has to follow the shape of the glass. When designed well, structural curved glass can reduce the use of other building materials, thereby reducing the overall project cost.

Because curved smart glass is a highly customized product, the pricing is unique to each project depending on the size, curvature and other factors. However, curved glass usually ranges from $70-120 per square foot without built-in privacy. With built-in privacy, you can order our switchable smart glass product for $85-120 per square foot, making it even less expensive than buying curved glass and then adding curtains or blinds. The price and elegance of our bent smart glass makes it the obvious choice!

Ordering Curved Smart Glass

At Smart Glass Country we are constantly pushing the limits of what glass can do. We are always studying, innovating and doing our utmost to create life-changing solutions that offer architects, interior designers and builders unprecedented design freedom with glass. As design trends continue to push spaces away from the boxy shapes of the past, we expect to see more and more curved glass being specified in contemporary designs. 

Stay ahead of the curve. Contact us today and share your project details to get started. 

What You Need To Know When Incorporating Curved Smart Glass Into Your Design

Curved glass is a complex material that must be detailed exactly in order to be worked into your architectural plan or design.

We need to know:

  • Manufacturing Parameters: Take note of any limiting features in your design and what material’s strengths need to be taken into consideration.
  • Finishes: How do you want the glass finished? Will the glass need to be tinted, double or triple glazed, an insulated glass unit or adhere to any specific building standards?
  • Measurements: In addition to the length and width of the glass, we also need to have a thorough understanding of the angles and radiuses. It is usually best to contract a glazier to take exact measurements prior to ordering but you may take your own measurements for the purpose of estimating.

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