Beyond Privacy: Patterned Smart Glass Designs and Logos

Smart glass offers far more than a practical privacy solution. Switchable glass technology can be used to create artistic designs, logos and patterns that truly give your space a ‘wow’ factor by appearing and disappearing from the glass.

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Many people do not realize just how many design possibilities smart glass has to offer. In addition to providing privacy, smart glass can be used to create artistic switchable designs and logos.

Smart Glass Country has created a wide variety of patterned glass, switchable logos and blinds over the years. Keep reading to see some of our favourite projects and see how interior designers, architects, builders and offices are getting creative with smart glass.

Patterned smart glass offers the same privacy and light control as our standard smart glass. The entire panel can be turned on and off, making the glass go from perfectly clear to frosted. However, patterned glass offers two other states where the glass appears to be patterned as shown in this video clip:

Artistic Smart Glass Designs

Switchable designs add intrigue to any glass surface, making it a popular option for feature walls, storefronts and reception areas. Smart glass art has even been featured in major art installations.

Watch the video below to see one of our artistic smart glass designs in action in an upscale beauty clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

As you can see, there are switchable butterflies that change from clear to frosted as the glass is transformed.

Switchable Glass Logos

A smart glass logo is a great way to showcase your brand and grab people’s attention. We have created custom logos for commercial spaces, clinics, offices and corporate headquarters. A switchable logo can be combined with switchable blinds or a pattern. Check out the following video to see our switchable glass logo in action:

Smart Glass Blinds

Switchable blinds can be added to smart glass to give you more privacy options than the ON/OFF state alone. In the video above, you’ll notice that switchable blinds have been incorporated into the design.


How It Works

Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted thanks to the action of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) that scatter the light when powered off, making the glass opaque, and align when powered on, making the glass transparent.

Switchable logos, patterns and blinds are created by laser etching invisible lines into the PDLC layer to create dynamic designs that appear and disappear.  When all of the segments are powered on the glass will look completely clear with no visible lines. When all of the segments are powered off the glass will look completely frosted. The design will only be visible when only some of the segments are powered on or off.

The design options for patterned smart glass are endless as there are no restrictions on shapes or transitions, except that all patterns must be in contact with at least one side of the glass where the electrical current is applied.

Getting Started With Your Custom Smart Glass Design

In order to create a switchable glass design and give you an accurate cost for your unique project we need the following information:

  • A high resolution image file of the design you would like to have made switchable
  • The dimensions of the glass
  • The size you would like the logo or design to be.
  • The location on the glass where the logo or design will be placed.


Once we have this information we will be able to give you an estimate and make recommendations for your project. 

Ready to get creative with smart glass? Contact us today to make your vision a reality.

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