Luxury Home Automation With Smart Glass and Film

Luxury homes are incorporating smart home technology in their designs to provide privacy, comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency – this includes smart glass and smart film.

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Since the turn of the twenty-first century, smart home technology has rapidly evolved with affordable options making it accessible to a wider consumer base. The demand for smart home automation is anticipated to grow in the coming years as homeowners become more aware of its many advantages, including security, convenience, and greener living.

One of the latest innovations to take the luxury residential market by storm is smart glass. High-end luxury homes are often designed with an abundance of windows to provide gorgeous views as well as natural light. However, privacy and security are compromised with more glazing. Smart glass changes from transparent to opaque when needed, providing privacy, energy savings, and convenience to homes. When the electrical supply is switched on, the panels become clear, and when switched off, they become opaque, offering privacy or solar control in under 10 milliseconds. This is why smart glass is commonly referred to as electric privacy glass or electric window tint. 

How Smart Glass Benefits Smart Homes

Ample Natural Light

A key feature of the modern day luxury home is lots of windows, beautiful views and an open concept look. Smart glass allows natural light through just like regular glass. Even when the glass is switched to frosted it still allows two thirds of natural light through- cutting the glare from sunlight without blocking it entirely. This can enhance the productivity and happiness of the residents of the home as more and more research demonstrates the impact of natural light on our mood, energy levels and circadian rhythm. 

The strategic placement of smart glass can allow daylight to penetrate deeper into spaces. For example, the use of a glass door or wall in place of a solid one. This decreases the need for artificial light and the energy costs associated with it. 

Privacy on Demand

The most obvious benefit of switchable privacy glass is, of course, privacy. Rather than having to manually adjust cumbersome curtains and blinds, homeowners can simply switch the glass to frosted whenever privacy is needed. Panels can be controlled in unison or separately. We can even embed designs in the switchable glass to create switchable blinds. 

Blocks UV & IR Light

Privacy film and glass block 99% of ultraviolet and infrared light, sources of heat gain. This helps keep spaces cool and decreases the load on HVAC systems. It also protects furniture, paint and belongings from the fading and degradation associated with prolonged sun exposure over time. 


Smart privacy glass is made with two pieces of laminated and tempered safety glass and acts as a barrier against forced entry. In the event that the glass does become broken, the PDLC film layer will hold the glass together, minimizing the chance that glass shards will enter the space and cause harm to residents or damage belongings. This also makes it more difficult for intruders to gain entry after the glass has shattered as it will be held in place.

The ability to achieve instant privacy is another factor that make smart glass technology a major enhancement to safety. Smart glass can even be integrated with home security systems so that all the glass becomes opaque as soon as a breach is detected, discouraging criminals from proceeding with a break-in attempt. 


Switching smart glass on and off is as simple as turning off a light. Indeed, privacy film and glass can be wired and connected to a wall switch. They can also be controlled via a remote, button, smartphone or home automation system. Smart windows can be synced with home automation systems so that they automatically switch to frosted during direct sunlight hours or overnight for security purposes. This makes it easier for homeowners to keep their houses cooler and safer.

Smart glass is also easier to clean than conventional curtains and blinds. It is simply cleaned just like regular glass as often as necessary. This keeps spaces looking sleek and dust free.

Minimalist Design

While switchable glass technology has many practical benefits, these benefits can be achieved without any compromise on the aesthetic of the home. This is indeed why smart film and glass are so luxurious. They don’t add any clutter to glass surfaces and leave your space with a clean look that will never become dated or out of fashion. 

Applications of Smart Film & Glass In Modern Homes

Today, the uses of smart glass in luxury homes are virtually infinite. Smart glass technology is dynamic and multifunctional, expanding its market to smart windows and doors, smart glass partitions, smart shower glass, and smart glass walls that provide privacy, custom shading, and energy control.

Luxury Entryways With Smart Glass

Both smart glass and smart film can be used on all types of doors from swing doors to sliding doors. Smart glass doors and sidelights are a great way to make small spaces look bigger and brighter and maximize views without compromising home privacy. Using an electric window tint, another term for smart film, on a glass door is an instant fix for privacy issues. 


Switchable glass walls, partitions and doors are a great way to make a small bathroom look bigger or to connect an ensuite with the rest of the bedroom.


Skylights and glass ceilings are notoriously difficult to fit with conventional window treatments. Smart film can easily be applied to skylights and other hard to reach windows without ruining their clean look.

Home Offices

Smart glass offices are a great way to incorporate an office space into a room or open floor plan without having to completely section off the space. When privacy is needed, the office glass can be switched to opaque and provide residents with more privacy. 

Irregular Window Shapes

Smart film is perfect for odd window shapes where regular window treatments don’t conform. Smart film can be trimmed to fit any window shape and smart glass can be manufactured in any shape. 

Home Theaters

Smart glass also can be used as a rear projection screen when switched to opaque, giving homeowners the option of using their windows as a home theater at night.

The market for smart glass technology  in luxury homes has been growing in the residential sector, due to the convenience and security it offers, as well as increased environmental awareness. Smart glass is dynamic, multi-functional, and perfect for modern luxury housing, making it an attractive option for luxury real estate.

If you’re looking to enhance the comfort, convenience, sustainability and security if your home- then the answer is clear. Privacy glass is the solution to the problems posed by regular glass both now and for the foreseeable future.

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Curious about the installation? Watch this video of smart film being installed in a luxury home:

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