Enhancing Bank Security and Privacy with Smart Glass

As banks continue to modernize, incorporating smart glass into their designs promises to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.Instant privacy helps promote service delivery, reduce fraud, enhance security, and improve client comfort in banking rooms.

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The banking sector is rapidly embracing the cutting-edge technology of switchable smart glass.

Banks are upgrading their glass partitions with smart glass, which provides a multitude of advantages.

Smart glass technology leverages liquid crystal molecules to offer adaptable privacy, temperature control, enhanced security, and optimized lighting.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about smart glass for bank partition design.

The images feature a bank office done by Smart Glass Country!

The Top Benefits of Smart Glass for Bank Offices

Many financial institutions are now incorporating switchable glass into their commercial interior designs, especially within the banking industry.

Beyond offering immediate privacy, smart glass enhances security, fosters a comfortable environment, and regulates temperatures, all of which are essential for excellent service delivery.

Here are the top reasons why switchable glass is revolutionizing bank interior design.

1. Flexible Privacy

Banks deal with highly confidential transactions that require exceptional privacy levels.

Smart glass is an ideal solution that provides flexible privacy options for financial institutions.

This glass includes two panes that encase a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film, which can instantly switch from transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch.

This immediate privacy feature enhances service delivery, reduces fraud, bolsters security, and increases client comfort in banking areas.

2. Smart Glass Increases Security

Smart glass enhances security, and that’s why more private and public banks are embracing this technology.

Due to its advanced construction technology and structure, switchable glass holds itself together in the event of a break-in, limiting the chances of forced entry or break-ins.

Additionally, the smart film used in privacy windows, partition walls, and doors decreases visibility, deterring potential attacks.

Smart glass can also be made with bullet resistant glass to further enhance security.

3. Durable Safety Glass

Unlike ordinary glass, privacy glass is a type of safety glass prepared using toughened, heat-treated glass that’s quite durable.

Additionally, light control glass features layers of laminated glass panels that last for much longer.

Privacy glass is a type of safety glass made from toughened, heat-treated materials, making it highly durable. The best part about using PDLC film glass is that in case of a breakage, the switch glass will fracture into tiny harmless pieces, unlike ordinary glass.

4. Sound Insulation Properties of Smart Glass

Smart glass has built-in soundproofing properties due to its structure. These noise reduction benefits come at no additional cost.

This helps maintain client confidentiality at banks by ensuring conversations are conducted with utmost privacy.

5. Smart Glass Is Eco-Friendly

By using privacy glass, banks can limit heat in on warm days and heat out on cooler days without using heaters or fans.

According to data, smart glass is able to reflect up to 40% of direct sunlight and 99% of UV rays, which is critical in maintaining the temperatures of banking spaces.

Switchable glass and film also block 99% of IR light, a source of heat gain. 

Using green energy is an environmentally friendly system that greatly reduces power costs.

6. Smart Glass Compatible With Automation Systems

Smart glass is compatible with numerous automation systems, giving bank employees greater sound, light, and heat control.

A good example of automation is how you can instantly switch a glass partition wall, window, or table into a frosted screen with a simple button press.

The software in most automation systems seamlessly combines with smart glass technology, ultimately improving the performance of privacy glass fixtures.

Additionally, smart glass improves brand image, boasts easy maintenance, and is multipurpose.

These are just a few of the top benefits of privacy glass. As banks continue to modernize, integrating smart glass into their designs promises to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. 

Have you experienced the benefits of smart glass in a banking environment?

Contact Smart Glass Country today to get started on your smart glass or smart film order and take your financial institution to the next level! Smart Glass Country has worked on projects for major banks such as Scotiabank and is a trusted smart glass manufacturer.

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