The Importance of Smart Glass for Window and Door Manufacturers

Switchable glass and privacy film are becoming more and more popular for windows and doors. As a result, window and door manufacturers need to integrate smart glass and smart film into their solutions.

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As the world of architecture and design continues to lean towards minimalist, open-concept plans, the demand for privacy and security has never been greater. For window and door manufacturers, this means that incorporating smart glass technology into their product offerings is no longer an option but a necessity.

Smart glass, otherwise known as switchable glass, is a unique technology that allows glass to go from transparent to opaque with just the flip of a switch. This technology has quickly become popular in both residential and commercial spaces due to its versatility and convenience.Smart glass is installed just like regular glass, with the exception of wiring the smart glass. Smart film can be applied to existing glass surfaces, making it an ideal solution for both new constructions and renovations. And, it's easy to apply, similar to placing a screen protector on a smartphone. 

In homes, privacy film provides increased privacy during the day while still letting natural light in. In offices or commercial buildings, it allows for the partitioning of open space areas, creating a more functional and productive environment. The ability to control the film with a remote, wall switch, smartphone, home automation system, or even voice command makes it an incredibly convenient choice.

As a manufacturer in today's market, it's essential to stay ahead of the game. And, by offering smart film and glass options to customers, you can tap into a growing market demand without having to invest or house more inventory. Becoming a distributor of Smart Glass Country’s products is simple: simply order the smart glass and film from us and we will supply the product at discounted dealer prices.

Smart glass and smart film are simple to integrate with your existing product line. With easy installation that doesn't compromise the clean look of your products, your customers can enjoy the benefits of privacy and security while enjoying open and clear spaces. Smart Glass Country offers all kinds of clever wiring solutions for glass windows, walls and doors:

Read this article to learn more about hiding smart glass wiring on glass doors and windows and watch this video:

Incorporating smart glass and smart film into your product offerings will not only meet the growing demand for privacy and security, but it is also a great way to differentiate your brand from the competition. And with the industry-leading warranty and expertise of Smart Glass Country, you can trust that your products will be of the highest quality.

So, to all window and door manufacturers out there, seize the opportunity to capitalize on this emerging market and expand your product line to include smart glass solutions. Don’t wait, contact us today to learn more about what Smart Glass Country can offer you.

How Smart Glass & Smart Film Can Benefit Your Customers

Instant Privacy- Enjoy a comfortable living or working environment while preserving privacy. 

Block UV Light- It also blocks over 99% of UV-rays, far more than traditional float glass. This diminishes the need for costly air conditioning systems and reduces heat loss.

Natural Light- Even in its opaque state, the glass still allows about two-thirds of natural daylight through, minimizing the need for artificial light while preserving privacy.

Security-  Smart Glass is laminated and tempered safety glass, and the film layer holds the glass together in the event of breakage, providing enhanced security for occupants and belongings.

Imagine How Smart Glass Will Work for you

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