How to Wire Smart Film & Smart Glass: The Complete Guide

Use these top techniques to make sure your smart glass wiring for windows, glass doors, and sliding doors is done correctly. There are many clever ways to wire and control smart glass, allowing you to have privacy whenever you need it.

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For those who understand the benefits of smart glass and film it’s time to begin looking at more practical information related to installing switchable glass products. It's time to dive into installing and wiring smart glass!

Smart glass is a glass that goes opaque when powered on and off. This is accomplished by applying electrical current to the switchable PDLC layer, making smart glass an electrical product. Thus switchable film and glass need to be wired and connected to a power source in order for them to work their magic. 

This article provides practical tips and best practices for ensuring successful smart glass wiring for windows, glass doors, sliding doors and sealing and protecting smart glass and film. 

Even if you will not be installing or wiring the smart glass yourself, this comprehensive guide will help you or your clients decide how you want the finished product to look. After all, there are many ways to wire and control smart glass and enjoy privacy on demand. 

We have also included several of our videos and images in this article as it’s much easier to understand with visuals!

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Decide How The Smart Glass Will Be Controlled

Before delving into the details of wiring smart glass, it's important to determine the control method you wish to use to switch the glass from clear to frosted, as this impacts the wiring setup. Although a simple method involves connecting wires to a transformer and using a remote, many opt for a wall switch or other innovative ways to manage their privacy glass.

Privacy glass and film can be controlled via a:

  • Wall Switch
  • Remote
  • Smartphone
  • Voice Command (Siri, Google or Alexa)
  • Button
  • Home Automation System
  • Timer

Who Should Wire Smart Glass?

In most cases, a certified electrician should handle the wiring for smart glass and smart film. An electrician is required to connect the transformer to the main power supply. However, if the smart glass is operated at low voltage (42 VAC), an electrician may not be required on site to connect glass to the controller.

The Electrical Components Of Smart Glass and Film

Every piece of smart glass and privacy film are delivered pre-wired for easy installation. Each switchable glass panel or piece of smart film will have busbars located along one side with wires protruding from them as shown below. These wires will be connected to a transformer and then the transformer can be connected to a power supply.

Each order of privacy film and glass is customized to the specifications unique to each project. The busbar can either be located along the long side or the short side of the privacy glass to ensure the shortest route possible to the power supply where the privacy glass is being installed. There’s no need to worry about confirming the position of the busbars until you are finalizing your order.

Handling Smart Glass and Smart Film

Smart glass, like regular glass, is a delicate building material that needs to be handled with care and stored properly. When handling the glass, it’s important not to lift or handle it by its electrical connectors or wires, as doing so may damage the product. To protect the electrical components, consider taping the wires and copper tabs to the glass to prevent them from catching on anything and tearing.  Last but not least, make sure the edges of the glass do not come into contact with metal frames or other conductive surfaces as this can also damage the smart glass.

Wiring Switchable Glass On Doors

The design of every smart glass door connection depends on the door type and door hardware involved. The method for wiring smart glass on a sliding door is different from a swing door. Regardless of the door type, our wires are durable enough to withstand the constant opening and closing of doors. All of our wires are made with metal and silicon jacks that can be bent more than a million times without getting damaged. Additionally, these wires are discreet and won’t detract from the appearance of your doors.

Smart glass and film can be installed on all kinds of doors from sliding doors to swing doors. In fact, smart glass is a popular option for glass doors specifically because conventional curtains and blinds simply don’t work smoothly on them.

Glass Cutouts for Door Hardware

First and foremost we like to put our clients at ease by letting them know what we can cut all the notches and holes for door hardware such as hinges, knobs and handles in advance when we manufacture their glass. This service comes at no additional cost, you simply need to send us detailed drawings when finalizing your smart glass order.

Wiring Smart Film & Glass On Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great application for smart glass technology as they are one example of a door where ordinary window coverings either work poorly or not at all. Sliding doors are often used for space saving, dividing rooms and creating transitional living and working spaces. Smart glass helps keep these spaces feeling open and connected and making privacy adjustments easy for occupants.

A sliding glass door can be purchased from one of our partners or the smart glass can simply be installed in conjunction with any sliding door system. 

In the case of smart film, simply apply the film to the glass surface of the sliding door and then do the wiring.

Hiding Smart Glass Wiring On Sliding Doors

There are lots of ways wiring can be hidden to give smart glass sliding doors a clean look:

Mini Power Loop

The compact power loop we offer, with a mere thickness of 0.25 inches, serves as an efficient connector between functional glass doors and windows. By securely mounting it atop the glass and within the frame, it seamlessly integrates with the existing structure, enhancing its overall performance and utility.

Magnetic Connectors

Magnetic connectors are a great option for smart sliding doors. When the door is closed, the magnets connect and transfer electric current from the frame to the door. This innovative mechanism ensures seamless power transmission and enhanced functionality.

There are several other clever methods for wiring switchable glass on doors- read this article for more info. 

Regardless of what type of door you’re dealing with- a swing door, pivot door, pocket door, sliding door or retractable glass wall. Smart Glass Country has the expertise and industry experience necessary to make your project a success. Get in touch with us today and share your project details to get the ball rolling.

 Smart Glass Wiring For Windows

Switch glass and film can be installed on both operable and stationary windows. In the case of smart glass, the wires can usually be hidden within the window frame. With smart film, this may not be possible as it is applied to the surface of existing glass and the glass often cannot be removed from the frame. In this case, the wires and busbar can be hidden with a thin PVC strip.

Wiring Multiple Panels Of Smart Glass Together

Several pieces of switchable glass or film can be connected and managed together, or individually. Remember to discuss how much smart glass or film you want to control using a single transformer when making your order. This is important because it might affect the number and type of transformers you require.

Wiring Smart Glass and Film In Bathrooms & Other Wet Areas

Smart glass and film can be used in moisture prone areas so long as the edges are sealed with a non-acid silicone gel. For bathrooms, we recommend using our smart glass product as the switchable PDLC layer is protected from water by the glass. All electrical components need to be sealed and protected from contact with moisture.

Any exterior facing glazing or glass in humid areas must be wet-sealed so as not to allow moisture through. This involves creating provisions to allow for weeping of any condensation that could infiltrate. Electrical connections must exit at the head of any framing system when installing smart glass in wet areas.

Sealing the Edges of Smart Glass & Film Against Moisture

When sealing smart glass you’ll want to use only neutral-cure silicones. Acetic silicones may damage the smart film or glass. 

Mounting the Transformers

Controllers should be placed in a well ventilated place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight or any other source of excessive heat. Doing so will ensure they reach their maximum product lifespan and do not require replacement.

Discover the magic of Smart Glass - a stunningly adaptable product designed to make privacy on demand a reality! Curious about wiring it for your unique project? Get in touch with us now and let's explore the endless possibilities of Smart Glass together. Thank you for reading about how to wire electric smart glass and window film. If you have any questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Glass installers need to keep up with the rapidly developing technology of smart glass, from knowing proper cleaning protocols to partnering with reliable suppliers. Get all your questions answered so you can make sure each installation is a success and leaves customers delighted!

When considering the best supplier for your project, look no further than Smart Glass Country! Our team of experts can guide you through every step – from selecting a product to installation and beyond. With over a decade of experience at the forefront of the smart glass industry, we have dealt with countless installation scenarios and come up with innovative wiring solutions.

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