How To Wire Smart Glass & Smart Film On Doors

Smart glass and film can be installed on all kinds of door types from standard swing doors to sliding doors and even frameless doors. Keep reading to learn how smart glass can be wired to give any glass door clean look free from wires, curtains or blinds.

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Conventional solid doors provide privacy but act as a permanent visual barrier, making spaces look smaller and darker. Glass doors make spaces look bigger and brighter, but lack privacy and it’s quite challenging to fit curtains and blinds to doors without ruining their clean look. 

Smart glass technology, also known as switchable glass or privacy glass, is the ideal solution to the downfalls of glass doors. Smart glass and smart film provide privacy on demand and let natural light fill spaces regardless of whether they are switched to clear or frosted, making them great options for both interior and exterior glass doors.

Our smart glass product can be custom made to fit any door size or shape, whether it’s a sliding door in a conference room or a large glass door and sidelights at the entrance of a luxury home. Our smart film product can be applied to any existing glass door, transforming it into a smart glass door. Watch the video below to see our product installed on the glass door and walls of a conference room in New York.

The main factor that will vary when installing switchable glass and film on doors is the wiring. Smart Glass Country offers all kinds of innovative wiring solutions for different doors and desired looks, that’s why architects, contractors and interior designers love working with us.

Watch the video below to learn about our clever wiring solutions and keep reading for information on specific scenarios:

Smart Glass Door Hardware and Cutouts

While our standard smart glass is half an inch thick we can provide custom thicknesses to accommodate different door frames and hardware. Smart Glass Country will do cutouts for hinges, door handles and any other door hardware you may have at no additional cost, you simply need to provide us with detailed drawings. This way your smart glass arrives ready for installation. 

Wiring Smart Film & Glass On Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great application for smart glass technology as they are one example of a door where ordinary window coverings either work poorly or not at all. Sliding doors are often used for space saving, dividing rooms and creating transitional living and working spaces. Smart glass helps keep these spaces feeling open and connected and making privacy adjustments easy for occupants.

A sliding glass door can be purchased from one of our partners or can be installed in conjunction with any sliding door system. 

In the case of smart film, simply apply the film to the glass surface of the sliding door and then do the wiring.

There are several options for wiring smart glass on sliding doors:

Wire Harness

The wiring can be hidden inside of a wire harness that provides a constant supply of electricity to the door, allowing the glass to be switched from clear to frosted in any position.

Magnetic Connectors

Magnetic connectors enable the user to switch the glass from clear to frosted when the door is closed. This solution is perfect for doors that only need to be private when closed. When the door reaches a specific point the magnets join together, enabling them to transfer electric current.

Mounting Sliding Doors

Smart glass sliding doors can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted or mounted inside of a false ceiling. Mounting the sliding door in a false ceiling is the most minimalist option as you don’t see any moving parts from the frame or the glass. 

Installing Smart Film On Doors

If you are applying smart film to an existing glass door and are unable to install the glass inside of the frame there are other options for concealing the door wiring: 

L-Shaped Cable Channels

You can use L-shaped cable channels, as they are a simple and effective way to hide the busbars and any smart film edges that may have been sealed with silicone. 

Race Channels

Race channels are designed for cable management and can be used to hide smart film wires. Please refer to our YouTube video for detailed instructions on how to wire race channels. 

Flat Wire

Flat wire can be used to the run the wires to the installation area. They are then covered with tape and painted to match the surrounding wall or frames. 

Glass Stops For Wooden Frames

With a wooden frame, everything can be hidden behind glass stops and it will be completely invisible. 

Wiring Smart Film On Swing Doors

Swing doors can be wired with magnetic connectors or a miniature power transfer cable.

Mini Power Loops

The mini power loop has a thickness of less than a quarter of an inch, hence the name. It can be used to connect operable doors by mounting it on top or inside of the frame.

Power Transfer Hinges

This option allows you to run the wires from the frame to the door through a hinge. While this is the most elegant and simple solution, it is also the most expensive. Each hinge costs approximately four hundred dollars per piece, though we’ve had many customers opt for this option who love the results and are happy with the investment. 


To wire the doors using mullions you simply need to run a daisy chain from one panel tpo another. Please refer to our YouTube video for specific instructions. 

Wiring Smart Glass On Frameless Glass Doors

The connection design for frameless glass doors depends on the specific door hardware. In most cases, the busbars are placed along the top and covered with a c channel while the connection is made with a wire loop. 

Once your smart glass or smart film has been wired and installed you can enjoy privacy at your fingertips. Our switchable glass products can be controlled via a wall switch, remote, button, smartphone or voice command and are compatible with most home automation systems.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a swing door, pocket door, pivot door, sliding door, bifolding door or retractable glass walls we have the expertise and industry experience to make your project a success. Get in touch with us today and share your project details to get the ball rolling. 

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