Can You Use Smart Glass In a Shower?

Yes, you can use Smart Glass or Film in showers, and Smart Glass Country has the expertise to make it happen. Elevate your bathroom with an "intelligent shower" and enjoy privacy at your fingertips. Contact us today for estimates and expert guidance on your project.

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Smart glass, also known as smart film, is a revolutionary technology that offers many benefits for commercial or residential settings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using this technology in a shower.  We’ll answer the question: Can you use smart glass or smart film in a shower?  The short answer is yes! However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when making this decision.

Let's take a closer look at what you need to know:

What is Smart Glass/Smart Film?

Smart glass and smart film are made with a switchable PDLC layer that switches from clear to frosted. These materials are able to change their optical properties when an electric current is applied, giving rise to switchable glass and film that gives you privacy at your fingertips.

The Benefits of Smart Glass and Smart Film For Glass Showers

One of the biggest advantages of using smart glass or smart film in a shower is privacy. Conventional window treatments such as curtains and blinds are ill-suited to showers and plastic shower curtains are unsightly. While glass shower enclosures are minimalist and beautiful, privacy can be a concern- especially in open concept bathroom designs seen in hotels and master bathrooms. Smart glass is the perfect solution for glass shower doors and windows. Privacy glass is also easy to clean and maintain and also has noise insulation properties.

All Kinds of Shower Doors Can Be Equipped With Smart Glass

At Smart Glass Country, we have all kinds of wiring solutions so smart glass can be discreetly installed on any glass door whether it is a sliding glass shower door or swing door. Watch this video to learn more about all the different ways smart glass can be wired on doors:

Privacy Glass and Film In Ensuite Bathrooms

Smart glass technology is also ideal for small en-suite spaces, as glass walls and enclosures have the unique ability to visually expand a limited area. If you are searching for a product that could optimize your bathroom space, consider upgrading to an "intelligent shower" with our switchable privacy glass shower door. With this unique addition, you will experience unparalleled privacy and convenience, all the while elevating the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Smart film and glass can also be used for glass partitions and glass walls in master bathrooms as show in the images below:

Important Precautions To Take When Installing Smart Glass/Smart Film in a Shower

The main issue of using switchable glass technology in a shower environment is the risk of the electrical components being exposed to water. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this completely with proper product placement and protection of the electrical components.

First, it is important to understand the difference between smart glass and smart film. Smart film is applied to the surface of existing glass, transforming it into switchable glass. This makes it the perfect retrofit option. Smart glass contains the switchable PDLC layer sandwiched between two pieces of glass. 

Smart film should not come into direct contact with water, and thus should not be applied to the interior of shower doors or areas where it will be partially or completely submerged in water. Smart glass, on the other hand, can come into direct contact with water as the switchable film layer is protected by the glass. Both products must be sealed with a non acetic silicon gel to protect the electrical components from water damage. 

So can you use smart glass or smart film in a shower? Yes . As long as the glass or film is installed properly you can enjoy privacy on demand anywhere in your bathroom! Smart Glass Country has supplied switchable glass and film for hundreds of bathrooms across the USA and Canada. Whether you are a homeowner or designing a modern hotel room.


  • Smart Glass Country can provide you with a sample, ensure your measurements are precisely taken, plan the wire connections and advise you on the best solution; using smart glass or smart film. 
  • Smart Glass is easy to install like regular laminated tempered glass. It can be installed by a local glazier.
  • Smart Film can be installed by a window tinting professional or even as a DIY project depending on the complexity and size of the project. 
  • Both privacy glass and privacy window film should be wired by a certified electrician.
  • Smart Glass Country has all kinds of discreet wiring solutions for our switchable glass products to give your finished project a clean look. Our knowledgeable product advisors will be happy to discuss and plan your wiring needs in advance.

  • Switchable Glass and Film can be controlled with a variety of devices and can easily be configured to work with your smart home automation systems.

Contact Smart Glass Country today to get started on your project? Curious about the price of smart film or glass for your shower door? We would be more than happy to give you an estimate.

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