Can You See Through Smart Glass at Night?

Smart glass offers a unique solution for nighttime privacy. It turns transparent when needed, but remains opaque for privacy. Although some light sources are visible, it obscures interior details effectively. Keep reading to find out how smart glass looks at night.When

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When it comes to privacy concerns at night, smart glass proves to be a reliable solution. This innovative technology allows homeowners to enjoy natural light during the day while keeping the interior of their homes private from prying eyes.  However, the question remains: can you see through smart glass in the dark?

The answer is both yes and no. When the glass is opaque, it inhibits any visibility, offering complete privacy for homeowners. On the other hand, when the glass is transparent, you can see through it just like regular glass. But, it is important to note that smart glass does diffuse some light, resulting in some visible light sources, such as ceiling lights, which can be identified from outside.

Smart Film & Glass Provide Privacy At Night

Despite these visible light sources, it is not possible to discern any objects or details in the interior. Any shadows visible on the glass itself serve to further obscure any views into the room, making smart glass an ideal privacy solution.

Watch this video to see exactly what smart glass and smart film look like at night:

How Privacy Glass Works

Smart glass works by using a tiny electrical current to control the amount of light that passes through it. When the current flows through the glass, it changes the alignment of microscopic particles inside, making the glass transparent. When the electrical current is cut off, the particles scatter the light, and the glass becomes frosted. 

Rather than blocking the light entirely, switchable glass and window film simply diffuses the light. This allows the glass to transmit about two thirds of natural light when switched to frosted, giving users access to daylight. This transmittance happens at night too, which is why it is still possible to see light sources such as ceiling lights or shadows. Rest assured that your privacy is maintained. 

Switchable Glass and Film Are Easy to Control

Smart glass is an energy-efficient and customizable option that can be controlled with the touch of a button. Homeowners can choose to have their smart glass set to automatic, which adjusts the opacity of the glass based on the time of day, or they can control it manually using a remote control, wall switch, smartphone or voice command.

Get Smart Glass or Smart Film For Your Space

Both privacy glass and window film will provide privacy under dark lighting conditions. Switchable glass is installed just like regular glass and smart film is applied to existing glass surfaces, transforming them into switch glass.

In conclusion, smart glass provides an innovative solution for privacy at night, while still allowing natural light to enter the room during the day. While certain light sources may be visible, it is not possible to see through the glass during night time, making it an ideal option for those seeking additional privacy in their homes or commercial properties.

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