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Smart Glass reduces noise, provides privacy on demand and acts as a barrier against forced entry.

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enhanced security and privacy

Maintain open, connected spaces while increasing safety. Switchable glass products offer instant privacy thanks to PDLC technology. Smart Glass and Smart Film go from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch, adding unprecedented speed and control to security procedures in schools, government buildings, airports and military settings.

Smart privacy glass and safety glass are often seen as two mutually exclusive products. In reality, smart glass can be merged with security glass to create the perfect solution for windows, walls and doors. Smart glass can be combined with advanced ballistic, fire and attack resistant glass for additional security.

Security Benefits of Smart Glass Technology

smart glass office
smart glass soundproof
Noise reduction and Instant Privacy

Spaces can instantly be made private, making it ideal for security stations and interrogation rooms. The soundproofing nature of Smart Glass has made it popular in the military.

smart glass office
smart glass door
Barrier Protection

The strength and durability of Smart Glass can be enhanced to make it blast-resistant and fire-retardant.

smart glass office
smart glass living room
Privacy For Emergencies

Glass can become opaque in the a matter of milliseconds in the event of a lock down or other emergency. Many schools have been utilizing Smart Glass Technology in their lockdown procedures.

smart glass office
smart glass security
Bullet Proof

Smart Glass can be made bulletproof and Smart Film can be applied to bulletproof glass.

Our Switchable Glass products can be customized for any commercial space and Switchable Film products can be applied to existing glass.



We have made countless spaces more secure and quiet. Our smart glass security applications have made a difference in many companies and homes nationwide.

‘We were looking for a faster way to secure areas in the event of a lockdown. Smart glass has added an invisible layer of security to our safety procedures. Most of the time, these spaces are transparent and open, letting the light pour in. However, staff have peace of mind knowing they can change the glass to opaque should there ever be an emergency.’

- Scott J. Noble, Defence Construction Canada

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