Create Safer Schools with Smart Glass Technology

Smart glass technology addresses many of the health and safety challenges that schools are facing today. Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted on demand, acting as a barrier against pathogens and providing instant privacy.

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Schools are facing many challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the threats to school security that have become all too common in North America. Protecting the health and safety and students and staff is paramount and involves important design considerations. 

Glass is one of the most common architectural components in schools and universities and is typically underestimated. Smart Glass pushes the limits of what glass can do by going from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch, eliminating the need for curtains and blinds and providing privacy on demand. Create an open, connected educational environment with an invisible layer of security, soundproofing and privacy. 

Easy to Clean and Control

Smart glass acts as a barrier against pathogens and a replacement for traditional window coverings that are constantly touched and seldom cleaned. Switchable glass and film can be controlled contactlessly via a wall switch, button, smartphone or voice command. Smart glass is cleaned just like regular glass with alcohol or glass cleaner.

Enhanced Security and Lockdown Procedures

Switchable glass is invaluable during lockdown procedures as it becomes private in a fraction of a second. Smart glass is a safety glass that can be made blast resistant or fireproof. Our Smart Security Glass is designed specifically for vulnerable areas and outperforms almost all other types of security glass at the same thickness and is affordable.

How it Works

In the event of an attack by a perpetrator on a facility or its occupants, Smart Security Glass prevents the intruder from breaking the glass or blocks their view of locked down areas by becoming opaque. The glass can withstand repeated shots as well as blunts from a hammer or other objects, buying precious time for law enforcement or help to arrive. When Smart School Security Glass is used on classroom doors or glass walls, it creates a safe zone for students and teachers during lockdowns, unlike ordinary glass. Panic buttons can be installed in classrooms to instantly transform glass to frosted during lockdowns. 


In addition to blocking visibility, smart glass has excellent soundproofing properties. Typically, sound reduction glass can cost up to $100 per square foot. Smart glass provides the benefits of soundproofing at no extra cost. 

Whiteboards & Projection Screens

Switchable glass surfaces can also be used as whiteboards and rear projections screens, making classrooms extremely versatile and modern. Simply switch the glass to frosted and enjoy a multifunctional education environment.

Make Ordinary Glass Extraordinary

Virtually any glass window, wall or door can be replaced with Smart Glass or retrofitted with Smart Film. Our Smart Film product is the perfect option for existing glass. Smart Film is easily applied to windows, walls and doors (watch a 10 sec video) and transforms regular glass into switchable glass. Smart Glass is ideal for new developments and can be installed by any glazier.

Is it out there now? Are other schools already using it or designing with switchable glass products?

YES! Smart Glass Country began developing premium switchable glass solutions in 2010 and our products have been installed in schools, medical facilities, offices and homes across North America. Due to our confidentiality agreements, we are not at liberty to discuss specific locations where our technologies have been installed. Contact us with any questions you may have and share your project measurements and quantities to receive a free consultation and quote. 

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