How to Control Smart Glass and Film

There are lots of ways to control smart glass and film that are far more modern than curtains and blinds. Keep reading to learn how to control smart glass with voice command, smartphones, door locks and more!

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Both smart glass and film go from clear to frosted when powered on and off, giving you instant privacy. This effect is accomplished by the action of PDLC technology. When electricity is applied, the crystals align and make the glass appear transparent. In the absence of electricity the crystals randomly orient and scatter the light. Therefore, turning windows from clear to frosted is as simple as turning a light on and off and there are lots of different ways to control your privacy glass. 

Watch this video now and keep reading to discover the most popular ways to control smart privacy glass.

Remote Control

Each order of switchable glass or film comes with a transformer and a remote control. Once you have installed and wired your privacy glass you can simply turn it on and off using this remote and enjoy privacy at your fingertips right away. However, most of our clients choose a more convenient or modern way to control their glass as remote controls can easily be misplaced. 

Wall Switch

By wiring your switch glass or film to work with a wall switch you will be able to transform the glass from clear to private just like you would turn a light on and off. This is the most popular option for both residential and commercial applications and can easily be done by any electrician. 

Smart Plugs & SmartPhone

If the smart glass is connected to a smart plug it can be switched on and off in a variety of ways. Simply connect a transformer to a smart plug and you will be able to use a smartphone or other hands-free device to turn the glass from clear to private.

Voice Command

In addition to controlling smart glass with your smartphone, these apps and smart plugs will enable you to turn the glass on and off with a voice command to Siri or Alexa.

Door Locks

Privacy glass can be wired to automatically become frosted when the door is locked. This is a very popular solution for bathrooms. This is typically accomplished through the use of magnetic connectors.

Motion Sensors

Occupancy and vacancy sensors detect when the space is occupied or unoccupied and automatically turn off the glass thereby saving energy. The device may also automatically turn the glass on when people are detected, making smart glass extremely convenient.

Security Systems

Smart glass and film can be integrated with security systems so it automatically becomes clear or frosted in the event of emergency. This feature is common in schools, government offices and military settings where there are lockdown features in place. 

Smart Section Blinds

This option is only available for a special laser etched smart glass that is designed to operate as a switchable blind. Through our layering technique we can create various switchable patterns, including artistic designs, and you will have the following options: completely clear, completely opaque or partially clear/opaque.

With all of these options it’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing smart glass. Enjoy privacy at your fingertips in any setting with any type of control. Contact us today to get started on your custom order.

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