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In addition to smart film we offer prismatic window film, UV darkening film and security film to enhance the properties of regular glass.

Whether you're useing film for decor or function, we have a solution for you. Our films are completely customizable and can be used on operable glass windows, walls and doors.

Prismatic Window Film

Instantly add color and intrigue to any space with prismatic window film.

Turn boring glass surfaces into engaging, colorful displays. Perfect for schools, waiting rooms and office floors.

Add new and fascinating creative elements to your design.

Rainbow window film is inexpensive and easy to install.

UV Darkening Film

Self-tinting window film goes from clear to dark with sun exposure.

UV darkening film is a passive technology that adapts to the sun's intensity and activates within 30 seconds of UV exposure.

Does not require electricity or any input besides sunlight for operation.

Returns to a clear state after five minutes without sun exposure.

Security Window Film

Glass can be seen as a weak link when it comes to security, but this can easily be overcome with the application of special window films that act as a barrier against forced entry.

In the event of breakage, security film will keep the glass together in the frame, making it hard for intuders to gain access.

By ensuring that the glass shatters safely security window films prevent injury from broken glass.

In addition to providing a protective layer, security film can block vision into your space.

Security film is available for both external and internal applications and can be used in conjunction with other window films to provide other benefits such as heat control, glare control and privacy.

Paint Protection Film

While the clear coat over your car paint is engineered to act as the first line of defense against the elements, this transparent coating may have its own inherent weaknesses and drawbacks.

Paint protection film, also known as PPF, is the perfect way to protect the paint on your car:

Our 'self-healing' paint protection film prevents scratches and scuffs from penetrating the clear coat of your car.

Maintain the integrity of your car's exterior without constantly having to spend money on expensive scratches.

PPF is available in matte and clear, depending on your tastes.

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Any type of glass can be made switchable and we offer smart glass IGUs, low iron glass and curved glass.

‘One of my clients had come across Smart Glass and requested it but I wasn’t sure because I had never worked with this type of product before. Smart Glass Country answered all of my questions about installation and wiring.

Installing the Smart Glass was much easier than I expected and my client was very impressed with the result.’

- Gary Woodill, Sun Valley Contracting

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