Make Ordinary Glass Extraordinary

Smart glass goes from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing instant privacy.

Any glass surface can become smart glass whether it is a glass wall, window or glass door. Smart film transforms existing glass while smart glass is installed just like regular glass.

''Smart Glass helped us win a project for a city office building and create a wellbeing focused design that consisted of connected, open office floors and switchable glass individual offices and conference rooms.''

- Jacob Lieberman, DMS Design

‘We were looking for a faster way to secure areas in the event of a lockdown. Smart glass has added an invisible layer of security to our safety procedures. Most of the time, these spaces are transparent and open, letting the light pour in. However, staff have peace of mind knowing they can change the glass to opaque should there ever be an emergency.’

- Scott J. Noble, Defence Construction Canada

As designers, we've embraced smart glass to blend security seamlessly with our open, light-filled designs. This technology allows us to offer clients the best of both worlds: airy spaces that can instantly become private and secure at a moment's notice. It's a revolutionary way to integrate safety without sacrificing aesthetics, giving both us and our clients peace of mind.

Karl Gaschler

Premium Quality
Smart Film and Glass

Smart People Use Smart Glass

Switchable film and smart glass work beautifully in both commercial and residential settings. See below how people are transforming glass in clinics, hospitals, offices, meeting rooms, homes and so much more with our premium PDLC film and glass.

For Smart Homes

Smart Glass is high tech easily controlled via a remote, wall switch, smartphone or voice command.

High Tech Healthcare

Smart glass gives clinics and hospitals a cutting edge appearance and makes it easier to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Public Spaces

More and more people are using smart glass to strengthen security. Smart glass protects spaces from intruders and reduces noise.

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Smart Glass Does
So Much More


Enjoy the clean look of glass. Smart glass is invisible unless you switch it to frosted.

Easy to Install

Smart glass is installed just like regular glass and smart film is simply applied to existing windows.

Open Space

Open concept spaces lack privacy, and switchable glass solves this problem with privacy on demand.

Sound Protection

The soundproofing properties of smart PDLC glass keep conversations in and noise out.

Natural Light

Privacy glass reduces heat transfer and increases natural light. Save on heating, cooling and lighting costs.


Smart glass is laminated and tempered safety glass that acts as a barrier against forced entry.

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