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Our superior switchable glass and smart film modernize and transform spaces and make them more efficient. Curious how you can transfer your space?

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With Smart Glass and  Smart Film you can have your privacy with a voice command

Experience Privacy on Demand

Experience the Smart Glass Country Difference

While Smart Glass Country is not the only supplier of switchable glass technology it is the superior one. Though some of our competitors offer smart glass products that match ours on one or two tests none of them can beat our products across the board.

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Advantages of Switchable Glass and Film

smart glass cost
Cost Effective

Maximize natural daylight and minimize the need for artificial light. Smart Glass also decreases heat transfer by up to 40 percent

smart glass control

Switchable glass and film can be controlled via remote and smartphone. They are also compatible with most home automation systems.

smart glass hygiene

Smart glass is easy to clean and does not accumulate dust like curtains and blinds.



Send us details about your project, area of application, sizes and quantities and any questions you may have about our Smart Glass Technology.


We will provide you with an estimate based in your project. Smart Glass price is from $80 to 120 USD per sq ft and Smart Film from  $35 to 45 USD per sq ft.


After order confirmation we manufacture the product according to your requiremetns and ship via a courier.

Follow up

We provide installation instructions, video tutorial and remain available to answer any questions you may have. If you are not satisfied with our product we will work with you to resolve any issues.

*Special pricing is available for orders over 200 square feet.*

Order With Confidence

A missed shipment or cumbersome ordering process can delay your project timeline. Some companies over promise and under deliver, but we know that isn’t sustainable. We make it our top priority to produce and deliver our products as soon as possible, with an average delivery time of three weeks. The wrong supplier can turn your dream into a nightmare. Don't let it happen. Order from us!


Discover how switchable glass can benefit you and modernize your space.  Send us information about your  project and we will send you a personalized quote within 24 hours.


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Ask about out products, pricing, implementation, or any thing else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success.