Smart Glass For Any Application

Smart glass is overcoming the design limitations of regular glass.


Any Glass Can Become Smart Glass

Every building has glass, so glass must do more. Smart glass takes regular glass to the next level by adding sound proofing, privacy, security and elegance.

Our smart glass products are completely customizable and can be used on operable glass windows, walls and doors.

Curved Glass

We combine modern glass bending techniques with smart glass technology to create custom bent smart glass solutions.

Show off your curved glass with built-in privacy. Don't cover it with curtains or other ill-fitting window treatments.

Add new and fascinating creative elements to your design.

Our curved glass is laminated and tempered safety glass.

Switchable bent glass is water resistant and can be used in bathrooms and boats.

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Low Iron Glass

We offer low iron glass for those looking for smart glass with greater clarity. Low iron glass, aka starphire glass, has reduced iron content which increases light transmission.

Low iron glass does not have the greenish tint associated with regular glass.

Has a lower haze rating than our standard smart glass.

The iron content does not affect the durability or performance of the glass.

Our low iron smart glass only costs 10 percent more than our standard smart glass.

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Insulated Glass Units

Insulated glass units (IGUs) keep interiors warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

At Smart Glass Country, we can create switchable IGUs that are double or triple insulated and can even do low-e glass.

Reduce noise penetration and window condensation.

Prevent fading of furnishing due to direct sunlight exposure.

Various types of glass such as tinted glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, heat strengthened glass, reflective glass etc. can be used in IGUs.

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Vacuum Sealed Glass

Vacuum glass provides excellent heat insulation, soundproofing, condensation prevention and conserves energy. This makes it a popular choice for exterior facing windows, doors and curtainwalls.

The high vacuum chamber of the glass effectively blocks thermal transmission and has a thermal insulation performance that is 2-4 times better than IGUs and 6-10 times better than single pane glass.

Vacuum glass can be used anywhere because it is not limited by geographical locations or elevation.

Vacuum glass has a thinner structure than IGUs.

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Some companies over promise and under deliver, turning a vision into a nightmare. Don't let it happen to you.

Our smart film is manufactured in North America, allowing us to control quality while keeping lead times to a minimum.

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Smart Glass is easy to install and we provide detailed instructions for smooth installation.

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Any type of glass can be made switchable and we offer smart glass IGUs, low iron glass and curved glass.

‘One of my clients had come across Smart Glass and requested it but I wasn’t sure because I had never worked with this type of product before. Smart Glass Country answered all of my questions about installation and wiring.

Installing the Smart Glass was much easier than I expected and my client was very impressed with the result.’

- Gary Woodill, Sun Valley Contracting

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