How Insulated Smart Glass Units Enhance Privacy and Energy Efficiency

Imagine having complete control over your privacy with windows that keep your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition to our standard smart glass we offer all kinds of specialized smart glass products, including insulated smart glass units. Our double and triple glazed switchable IGUs combine the benefits of improved thermal performance with privacy and security.

Smart glass goes from clear to frosted when powered on and off, providing instant privacy by acting as an electronic blind. Our switchable glass can be used in insulated glass units, giving way to Smart IGUs that transition from transparent to opaque with the push of a button, flick of a switch, remote control, smartphone or voice command. 

Advantages of Insulated Glass Units

  • Smart IGUs are extremely energy efficient, making them ideal for exterior facing applications in commercial buildings and residences. They provide insulation, thereby reducing head gain and heat loss. The result is lower electrical power consumption and less expensive electrical bills, especially in areas subjected to extreme heat or cold.

  • Insulated glass units also reduce noise by providing sound insulation. This improves the acoustics of any space.

  • Smart IGUs reduce the amount of direct sunlight and UV rays that pass through the glass, preserving furniture, painting, carpets and fabrics that can fade with sun exposure. 

  • Smart glass is laminated and tempered safety glass that acts as a barrier against forced entry. It also takes more time and effort to break an insulated glass unit than a single pane window, further enhancing security

Composition of Smart Insulated Glass Units

Each switchable IGU is made with the PDLC switchable layer in the inner panel and second outer panel separated by a warm edge spacer bar to form a sealed unit. We offer both double and triple glazed IGUs. Our triple glazing offers superior energy efficiency, thermal insulation, sound protection and enhanced security. 

Our switchable IGUs can also be combined with other special glass products such as low iron glass, low E glass or antimicrobial coatings to provide the most advanced smart windows on the market. 

Smart insulated glass units are simple to install and are installed the same way as any standard IGU. The only difference is that switchable IGUs need to be connected to a power source. Once installed, Smart IGUs require no maintenance or special cleaning. 

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