Smart Glass For Meeting Rooms

Make offices look bigger and brighter with smart glass conference rooms that go from clear to private on demand.


Smart Glass for Smart Offices

Conference rooms often need privacy, but that doesn't mean they need to be sectioned off from the rest of the office, cutting off light and making them look smaller.

Instead, use smart film and glass to create dynamic boardrooms that instantly go from open and connected to private.

‘We had a conference room in the middle of our office floor that was blocking a lot of natural light, so we replaced the walls with smart glass walls.

Whenever we need to have a private meeting we simply switch the glass to opaque, which always impresses our clients!’’

- Jonathan Chan, Prestige Software Services

Make Ordinary Glass Extraordinary

Wow Factor

Today's office is more than a workplace, it's where we create memorable experiences for staff and visitors. Smart glass always leaves a lasting impression.

Contactless Control

Electronic glass instantly swithces from clear to frosted with remotes, smartphones, automated systems, or wall switches.

Dynamic Meeting Spaces

In addition to hosting confidential meetings, you can use smart glass as a whiteboard or rear projection screen.

Custom Designs

We can embed switchable logos and artistic designs into smart glass to create truly unique branding and displays.

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Smart Glass For Any Conference Room

Any type of glass can be made switchable and we offer curved smart glass and low iron glass for boardrooms.

Smart film can be applied to any existing glass window, wall or door to transform into privacy glass.

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