What Are Smart Windows and Why Are They the Future of Window Design?

Windows are no longer just a source of light and ventilation. Smart window technologies such as smart glass and smart film, are revolutionizing the way we control privacy in our homes and workplaces. Keep reading to find out why you should rethink the way you use glass.

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Windows are an important part of any building, allowing natural light and air to enter while offering a view of the outside world. But what if you could control the amount of light, heat, and privacy your windows offer? That's where smart windows come in – they use advanced technologies to block light, insulate and give you privacy- making them the future of window design.

There are several types of smart glass technologies available, including electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended-particle, micro-blind, and polymer-dispersed liquid crystals. Each technology has its own unique properties, but they all offer higher and differentiated levels of control than manual solutions like blinds, curtains, shades, and doors.

One of the most popular smart window technologies is smart glass or polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal glass. This type of glass is often used in smart homes, conference rooms, ICU areas of hospitals, schools and building lobbies for privacy control. When electricity is applied, liquid crystals within the glass align and allow light to pass through, making the glass transparent. Without electricity, the glass appears milky, providing privacy.

Smart windows offer many benefits to both commercial buildings and residences. They provide cleaner environments, reduce energy costs by blocking heat, and allow for greater control over privacy and light. They also offer a modern and sleek design that can add value to a property.

In addition to their practical benefits, smart windows are also more sustainable than traditional windows. They reduce energy consumption by blocking heat and allowing for greater control over indoor temperatures, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Any Window Can Become a Smart Window

Already have glass installed? No worries. Smart window film can be applied to any glass surface to transform it into privacy glass. Smart film is a transparent and self-adhesive layer that is applied directly to the glass, allowing for the control of light and vision. This film can be easily switched on and off using a remote control or smartphone application, enabling the user to adjust the level of privacy. 

Smart film is an extremely popular choice for areas where conventional window treatments don’t work such as irregularly shaped windows or hard to reach windows like skylights. 

Why Settle for Ordinary Glass When You Can Have Smart Glass?

In conclusion, smart windows are the future of window design. Their advanced technologies provide greater control over light, heat, and privacy, while also offering a modern and sustainable design. From commercial buildings to residences, smart windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking to add functionality, style, and value to their properties. So why not join the smart window revolution and see for yourself how they can enhance your space?

How to Order Smart Windows

While you may not see switchable glass and privacy window film in your local hardware store or local glass shop, this is because they are custom products. As a result, smart glass is almost always ordered online and shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.

To order smart glass, you will first need to select a reputable supplier of switchable glass technologies.

You will then need to reach out to a manufacturer like us to get an estimate. All you will need is to supply us with the measurements of the glass areas in question, if you don’t have them down to the last millimeter, no worries- ballpark measurements should be enough to determine the cost of the smart glass or smart film for your project.

Once we have your final measurements all we need is a deposit to begin manufacturing your order. The smart glass or film is then shipped directly to you and installed by a local glazier or window tinter. We have a network of installers we work with across the USA and Canada, though if you are already working with a glazier or window tint professional for your project we are happy to guide them through the installation process.

After the privacy window film or glass has been installed you can enjoy all the benefits of privacy on demand for decades.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling and order smart windows for your space or clients!

Thanks for reading. Check out our YouTube Channel for more interesting smart glass information and design inspiration.

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