7 Ways Choosing the Wrong Smart Glass Supplier Can Ruin Your Vision

7 Ways Choosing the Wrong Smart Glass Supplier Can Ruin Your Vision

While smart glass products are highly customizable and easy to install, the company you choose to order from has a significant impact on your final outcome. There are big differences in quality when it comes to switchable glass technology. Moreover, simply understanding how to manufacture switchable glass and film does not mean a supplier is highly competent in tailoring the order to your unique needs, answering questions or providing wiring and installation support.

Here are seven ways purchasing switchable glass and film from the wrong company can lead to disappointment:

Low Quality

Not all smart glass and film products are created equal. There are three common indicators of poor quality: haze, flimsiness and inadequate adhesives.
Flimsy Smart Film That Peels- When it comes to cheap smart film products you get what you pay for. Many overseas companies offering factory direct prices produce thin smart film products that are difficult to install and prone to peeling. Smart Film should be thick enough to be easily adhere to the surface of the glass under its own pressure and stay stuck along corners and edges.
Haze- Many switchable glass products have a milkiness when powered on. In the industry, we refer to this as ‘haze’. While having a slight haze is not avoidable due to the nature of the liquid crystals that create the switchable effect, it is possible to minimize this so it is barely noticeable through proper manufacturing methods. Smart Glass Country is proud to provide smart glass products with the lowest haze rating available on the market, just three percent.


Even if a company has a high quality product, there is no substitute for industry experience. An established company that has dealt with all kinds of installation scenarios will not only be able to give you answers, but also ask you the right questions to help you achieve the best outcome possible. Smart Glass Country’s sales team has been trained to ask customers the right questions to help them discover the best smart glass solution for their needs.

Limited Customization Options

Smart glass and film can be personalized to your tastes and requirements. However, not all companies offer ample customizations, thus limiting your design freedom. Smart Glass Country offers a wide range of glass options including double and triple glazing, performance enhancing coatings, tints and colors.
Any type of glass can be made switchable, whether it is bulletproof, blast resistant, fire rated, soundproof or pressure rated for hurricane zones. Switchable film and glass can be designed for any window shape, including circular windows and curved glass surfaces. Privacy glass can also be used on operable windows, walls and doors. Limited options is a sure sign that a company is not a top supplier of smart glass products.

Electrical Hazards

Smart glass technology requires electricity to operate. Switchable glass and film contain a PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) layer. When there is an electrical current, the liquid crystals align, resulting in transparency. When the film or glass is powered off, the liquid crystals scatter randomly, creating opacity. While electric privacy glass is a safe, low voltage product, precautions still need to be taken when wiring switchable glass products. Smart film and glass can even be used in moisture prone areas such as bathrooms, provided they are sealed along the edges with a silicon gel.

Smart Glass Country has innovative wiring solutions for a variety of operable glass projects such as swing doors, sliding doors and retractable glass walls. We provide thorough wiring instructions for wiring panes together and sealing the glass against moisture. Choosing a mediocre supplier can lead to electrical hazards and ugly, visible wiring.

Poor Performance

Windows, doors and walls form an essential part of a building’s envelope and have a significant impact on energy efficiency. With proper production and installation, glass openings can contribute to air-tightness and insulation by minimizing heat transfer and providing a barrier against the elements. Conversely, poor production and installation can compromise your building envelope. Competent manufacturers test their window and door systems to ensure they meet the required performance standards. Smart Glass Country takes all the steps necessary to provide superior smart glass and film and all the information necessary for installers and glaziers.

No Guarantees

When a business is confident that they have a great product, they have no problem backing those products with a manufacturer guarantee and warranty. Smart Glass Country offers a warranty of up to five years on switchable glass products and a one year warranty on smart film products ( the warranty for the film is shorter than the glass due to a lack of control over the environment the film is installed in).

Bad Customer Service

Dealing with a company that is overseas can result in strained communications due to language barriers and differences in time zones. This can also prolong lead times, result in customization mistakes due to miscommunications and make the resolution and return process difficult and lengthy. All of Smart Glass Country’s products are manufactured locally within North America and our team is available to answer all of your customization and installation questions.

Choose the right company to help you transform your space exactly how you have imagined. Contact Smart Glass Country today.

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