Does Smart Glass Block UV and IR Light?

Ordinary glass only blocks 25 percent of UVA light while smart glass and film block up to 99 percent of UVA rays. Read this article to learn more about how smart glass protects the interior of your space while providing privacy on demand.

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Smart glass goes from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand. When switched to transparent it looks just like regular glass, though it has some invisible benefits that go beyond privacy alone. Smart glass has built-in soundproofing properties, acts as a barrier against forced entry, is safety glass and blocks ultraviolet and infrared light. 

Doesn’t all glass block UV light?

Somewhat. Glass does a great job of blocking UVB light, but not UVA light. 95% of the light reaching the earth’s surface is UVA light. Only up to 25 percent of UVA light is blocked by ordinary glass, the other 75 percent passes through the glass where it can slowly damage the interior of your home, commercial space and even your skin. By comparison, smart glass and smart film can block 99% of UVA light.

How UV Rays Damage Building Interiors

UV rays can fade rugs, furniture, fabrics, artwork and photos. They even account for 40-60 percent of floor damage when it comes to hardwood floors! Check out this article from Boulder Home Source for more information on how to protect your space from harmful UV rays.

UV Blocking Properties of Smart Glass & Smart Film

Smart glass blocks 99% of UVA light in both states thanks to a special UV proof layer embedded within the glass.

Smart film blocks 99% of UV light when powered off (opaque) and 54% when powered on (transparent). Our privacy window film has a special UV coating and is applied to the surface of existing glass.

Smart Glass Blocks Infrared Light

Smart glass and film also block infrared light, a source of heat gain. When installed in the envelope of buildings, smart glass rejects over 40% of heat and can reduce air-conditioning costs. For greater energy efficiency, consider using insulated smart glass units.

Maximize Natural Light

Privacy glass and window film accomplish all this while still allowing natural light through. Even when the glass is switched to frosted it still allows over two thirds of natural light through, protecting the interior from harmful rays and cutting the glare from sunlight without making spaces dark. If you are looking for a solution that makes the glass go from clear to dark, consider our UV darkening film.

Popular Applications For Smart Glass

Switchable glass and film are being used for doors, skylights, hard to reach windows, boats and many

Smart glass is installed just like regular glass, whereas smart film is applied to existing glass to transform it into switchable glass. 

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed learning about how smart glass does more, so much more, than providing privacy. Contact us today to get switchable film or glass for your space!

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