UV Darkening Film Makes Spaces More Comfortable and Energy Efficient

UV darkening film (also known as self tinting window film or photochromic film) is an innovative passive technology that makes glass transform from clear to dark with sun exposure. Click ‘Read’ to learn more.

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Imagine if your windows could change from light to dark when the sunlight becomes too intense?  Self tinting window film adapts to the sun’s intensity throughout the day. The sun is always changing its position and nowadays there is no need to constantly adjust curtains and blinds to provide shade.

With self tinting windows you can enjoy your view all day long without needing to draw the curtains to block out the sun. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative smart technology. 

How Self Tinting Window Film Works

The photochromic layer undergoes a chemical reaction when exposed to UV light, making the glass go from clear to dark without any manual adjustment. Photochromic film contains carbon molecules that change their molecular structure with UV exposure, making them absorb more light and darken the glass. In the absence of sunlight these carbon molecules revert to their original shape and the glass becomes clear once again. 

UV darkening film is a passive technology and does not require any external power source or input other than direct sunlight. 

Benefits of UV Darkening Film:

Maximize Your View and Connect With the Outdoors

Block the light, not the view. Photochromic window film darkens up to 35% and eliminates the need for blinds or shades throughout the day and the glass is always clear at night.

Save On Energy Costs

UV darkening film optimizes energy efficiency year round and provides thermal control by blocking 75% of IR light and 95% of UV light.

Fully Passive

Traditional window treatments like curtains and blinds require manual adjustment. Self tinting glass automatically adapts as sunlight levels change, even when you are not around. This makes it an extremely convenient and energy efficient option.

Access to Natural Light

Rather than blocking the light entirely, you can enjoy greater comfort and wellbeing by letting natural light in. Natural light is essential to health, productivity and mood.

Self tinting windows are a popular option for smart homes where energy efficiency, comfort and cutting edge technology are of utmost importance. Photochromic is often applied to skylights and windows that get a lot of direct sun exposure. 

The demand for UV darkening films in offices and other commercial spaces is on the rise where access to natural light is desired but the glare from direct sunlight can become uncomfortable and decrease thermal comfort. 

Have a project in mind? Contact us today to learn more about our innovative UV darkening film and how it can work in your space. One of our experts will be happy to provide a free quote for you, just share the dimensions of the glass area in question. 

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