Smart Film For Small Space Design

Switchable glass technology enhances small space design by creating spaces that adapt to users’ needs. With the push of a button smart film and glass go from clear to private. Keep reading to discover how smart glass makes compact spaces look bigger, brighter and better

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Small spaces don’t have to feel small. As both residential and commercial real estate prices continue to climb, the size of our homes, offices and hotel rooms is shrinking. Fortunately, architects and designers have been able to overcome many of the design challenges of small spaces thanks to innovative technologies like smart glass. Switchable glass and film make it easy to incorporate more glazing into any design, and glass makes spaces look bigger and brighter. 

Switchable glass products go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing instant privacy and making them a great option for glass room dividers where privacy is only desired some of the time. Smart film is applied to existing glass surfaces to transform them into switchable glass, making it the perfect retrofit option. Smart glass contains the switchable layer sandwiched between two pieces of glass and is installed just like regular glass. 


Here are five popular applications for smart film and smart glass for small space design:


Smart Conference Rooms

Meeting rooms are often positioned in a central part of office floors with prime views. While this helps companies put their best foot forward during meetings these spaces are often empty and cut off from the rest of the office when they are not in use. Smart glass is a great way to keep office floors looking open and connected without any compromise on privacy. The glass can simply be switched to frosted during meetings, an effect that always wows visitors. 


Open Office Plans

While open office plans can be great for collaboration and socializing, they can be quite distracting when staff are trying to focus. Glass partitions and walls are a great way to create a dynamic office environment that can seamlessly transition between open and private as necessary. Smart glass partitions also reduce noise, further reducing distractions. 


Compact Living Spaces

Smart film has become a favorite feature of many tiny homes where every inch of living space needs to be maximized. Privacy glass has been used to section off bathrooms and bedrooms from the rest of the home. It has also been used on exterior facing windows as it is a clutter free window treatment. 

Switchable glass is also a popular option for studio apartments, small condos and home offices. Smart glass walls mitigate sound, offer instant privacy and allow natural light through even when they are switched to opaque.


Hotel Rooms and Lobbies


Competition is fierce in today’s hotel industry. Privacy glass adds novelty and comfort to any hotel room, making for smart accommodations and improving the guest experience.

Smart film is frequently used on glass partitions and doors for bathrooms, closets, adjoining rooms, balconies and sleeping quarters. 

Switchable glass and film are also a great option for hotel lobbies where it makes a lasting impression on guests and passersby. Learn more about how smart glass is changing hotel design.


Smart Film for Glass Doors

Glass doors are a great way to let natural light filter from one room to another and extend the eye to make small rooms feel larger. Privacy film is an ideal window treatment for glass doors where conventional curtains and blinds simply don’t work.

Switchable glass and film can be wired to work on all kinds of doors from sliding doors to swing doors and retractable glass walls.


As space becomes more scarce and technologies advance, common architectural elements like glass must do more. Switchable window film and glass are a cutting edge solution to the demands of today's spaces. Contact us for pricing and more information.

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