Why Smart Glass Is Becoming So Popular In British Columbia

While we sell and ship our products all over North America, we are a Canadian company and all of our products are manufactured at home in British Columbia. Read this post to see some of our projects in BC and discover why smart glass is so popular.

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Smart glass and smart film are becoming more and more popular throughout British Columbia. The reason? If you look at Vancouver’s skyline you’ll see glass everywhere. Most condo buildings and office skyscrapers feature floor to ceiling windows and glass lobbies flooded with natural light. Newly constructed homes include far more glazing than their predecessors as do commercial properties, government offices and schools. 

The reasons for this are obvious, British Columbia is full of beautiful views and everyone wants to maximize their view. Cities like Vancouver also get a lot of rain and glass helps keep spaces bright even on the greyest of days. The demand for real estate has also skyrocketed in metropolitan areas like Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Victoria and Kelowna over the last decade. This has many people living in much smaller spaces and glass makes spaces look bigger.

Glass is a crucial element of any design and the demands of modern architecture mean glass must do more. Privacy glass and film address many of these design challenges. Smart glass and smart film provide privacy on demand by going from clear to frosted when powered on and off. Smart glass is also laminated and tempered safety glass and has built-in soundproofing properties.

Here is a closer look at how our smart glass and film are being used throughout BC:

Custom Design For a Modern Clinic

This anti-aging clinic is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and features an artistic custom design. If you watch the video closely you will notice that there are butterflies embedded in the glass that appear to be frosted when the glass is transparent and turn clear when the glass is switched to opaque. Its details like these that really make smart glass standout compared to other window treatments. Through a careful layering technique, we can embed all kinds of different designs and logos into our privacy glass products.

Smart Film In Public Schools

We travelled to Fort St John in northern British Columbia to install smart film in a school. Switchable film and glass are a great option for schools as they provide instant privacy when needed and both products are very easy to clean and maintain. Traditional blinds and curtains often need to be removed to be cleaned and can build up a lot of dust and age quickly. Smart glass is cleaned just like regular glass. 

Smart Homes

Switchable glass products add a modern touch of luxury to any home. Smart glass is the perfect complement to any minimalist design as it is only visible when privacy is desired. 

You will find smart glass and film in many homes from floor to ceiling windows in downtown Vancouver to master bedrooms in West Vancouver, Shawnigan Lake and Naramata.

Smart Film In Yachts and Sailboats

British Columbia is privileged to have a beautiful coastline and large lakes. Many people living on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast in downtown Vancouver and Kelowna have yachts, sailboats or houseboats. If you’re a boat owner you know how hard it is to fit curtains or blinds to boat windows as they are constantly in motion and curtains and blinds can swing and make noise. Smart film can easily be applied to boat windows to provide instant privacy and cut the glare from unwanted sunlight. 

Whether you have glass installed or are looking to order new glass, smart glass or film can be customized to your unique needs. Smart film is applied to any glass surface to transform it into switchable glass. Smart glass is installed just like regular glass and contains the switchable PDLC layer sandwiched between two pieces of laminated and tempered safety glass.

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