Smart Film For Dental Office Design

With the ever-evolving technology of today, dental clinics can now bring life to their interiors. Smart film is a cutting edge option that transforms ordinary glass surfaces into dynamic design elements - providing privacy when needed and acting as projection screen.

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As technology continues to advance, dental offices are now able to take advantage of smart film in order to enhance the patient experience. This innovative product allows medical professionals to easily control privacy, providing a comfortable atmosphere for both patients and staff. In addition, it can be used as an educational tool by displaying images or diagrams on its surface that can help explain procedures or treatments more effectively. With these features combined, switchable smart film is quickly becoming a popular choice among modern dental clinics looking for ways to improve their services. In this article we will explore how switchable smart film is being used in today’s dental offices, as well as some of the benefits it can bring.

Privacy on Demand

Say goodbye to feeling cramped and claustrophobic while in a healthcare setting. Smart film and glass are here, giving staff and patients the power of privacy on demand! With just the click of one button, clear glass can quickly turn frosted while still allowing two thirds of daylight through. This illuminates medical spaces with natural light and creates a positive care and work environment. Switchable glass and window film give dental offices the ability to include mor glazing in their designs, making them look bigger, brighter and more appealing to passersby.

Space Optimization

The ambition of modern dental office design is to create an environment that is both open and airy while maximizing all available floor space. However, when creating dental clinic design in a small space, achieving the best of both worlds can be challenging.

Smart glass partitions and sliding doors offer the best of both worlds, providing flexible options for clinics. They help optimize every possible inch of usable space and easily reconfigure rooms to create multi-use or shared spaces such as consultation areas that transition into conference rooms. These agile glass surfaces become particularly useful for dental offices that find themselves scaling with limited space. Switchable glass can adapt to the needs of staff throughout the day, making for a very clever and cost-effective solution for dental clinic interior design.

Lasting Impressions

When clients see the glass go from clear to frosted it is sure to make an impact on them and reassure them that their dental office is implementing the latest technology. Whatsmore, passersby in shopping malls or on streets are sure to take note when they see the glass suddenly go from clear and ordinary to opaque in the blink of an eye. 

Smart film installed on examination room doors.


Smart film and smart glass are unbeatable when it comes to keeping surfaces clean and sanitary. Unlike privacy curtains, smart privacy partitions and windows don't need to be removed for a deep cleaning - they can simply be wiped down in place! This feature saves medical personnel time and money while allowing patients extra peace of mind knowing their environment has been thoroughly cleaned with minimal disruption.

Retrofit Options

While smart glass is ideal for new installations, any existing glass surface can be made switchable with the application of smart film . Simply apply the film to the glass as you would apply a screen protector to a smartphone to transform ordinary glass into extraordinary electric privacy glass. Both products can be used on angles or curved glass and operable windows, walls and doors. 

Touchless Controls 

Privacy film offers a range of innovative and hygienic touchless control options, from wall switches to voice command. No longer do you need to worry about dust or germs being left behind when switching the window's transparency - electric privacy film has got it covered!


Smart glass products provide hospitals with the ability to create calmer and quieter settings. With just a click of switch, conversations can be held privately while sound levels are reduced - giving patients an opportunity for much needed rest without disruption from hallway noise. The versatile technology is ideal for dampening background noises that come along with busy dental office environments!

Clinics no longer have to settle for limited dental office design options. With PDLC privacy glass, also known as electric window tint, clinics can create completely customized solutions that perfectly complement the chosen aesthetic while still providing a fantastic level of functionality. Smart glass can even be customized to include switchable logos and artistic designs- creating unique branding opportunities. Take a look at this anti aging clinic design we did in Vancouver, Canada and watch as the butterflies appear and disappear from the glass.

Imagine how smart glass technology could transform the image of your dental practice with the perfect combination of excellent privacy measures and an inviting atmosphere. At Smart Glass Country, we can make this dream into reality! Get in touch today for more details or to request your free consultation & quote.

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