Privacy Glass For Smart Luxury Homes

As more and more glass is being used in luxury homes, the concerns over home privacy and security are on the rise. Read this article to see why smart glass and film are the perfect solution for the modern smart home.

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Of all the modern luxuries, ‘smart home’ technologies have had the greatest impact on how we interact with our living space. In particular, smart home automation has gained popularity over the last 20 years as it allows homeowners to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, appliances, entertainment systems and security systems remotely via their smartphone or the internet. 

Smart glass is becoming more and more popular in the luxury home market thanks to its modern design, minimalist appearance, energy efficiency and compatibility with home automation systems. Now homeowners can easily control their home privacy with switchable glass window treatments that are compatible with smart plugs and home automation systems.

What is Smart Glass Technology?

Smart glass and film change their light transmission properties with the application of electrical current, going from clear to frosted. This is due to a switchable PDLC layer that contains liquid crystals. When powered on, these crystals align, making the glass appear transparent. When powered off, the crystals randomly orient themselves and scatter the light, making the glass opaque. 

There are a number of ways to control smart glass. It can be controlled with the standard remote included in each order, integrated with smart plugs and home automation systems and then controlled via smartphone or voice command or wired to work with a wall switch.

Smart Glass In High End Luxury Homes

Most modern luxury homes are designed with an abundance of glazing to maximize views while providing ample natural light. Glass partitions are increasingly used within the interior of the home to make spaces look bigger, brighter and more connected. While this can make homes more beautiful and decrease the need for artificial light, it can pose challenges when it comes to home privacy. 

Smart film and glass are the perfect alternative to old-fashioned curtains and blinds. Rather than manually adjusting shades or using motorized blinds, residents can simply switch the glass from clear to frosted in a fraction of a second.  Smart glass contains the switchable layer sandwiched between two pieces of laminated and tempered glass and is installed just like regular glass. Smart film is applied to the surface of existing glass, transforming it into switchable glass. 

These versatile options give architects and interior designers unprecedented design freedom and creativity. Switchable glass products can be used on all kinds of glass surfaces from glass walls to large windows, skylights, glass doors, bathroom partitions and even glass floors and ceilings. 

Privacy Glass for Home Windows

Our standard smart glass is double glazed safety glass, making it ideal for exterior facing applications as it is energy efficient and secure. For glazing in more extreme climates we recommend  IGUs (insulated glass units) for enhanced thermal performance. Our smart window film can be applied to the interior facing side of any glass window. 

Smart Glass For Skylights

Skylights and other hard to reach windows are notorious for being difficult to fashion window treatments for. Smart glass eliminates the need for curtains and blinds on skylights and can cut the glare from sunlight. 

Smart Glass Doors

Switchable film and glass can be used on any operable glass surface, but most often it is requested for glass doors. Smart Glass Country offers innovative window treatments for a variety of glass doors including swing doors and sliding doors. In some cases, doors can be purchased with the smart glass already installed. Contact us for more details. 

Privacy Glass In Bathrooms

Smart glass and film can be used in moisture prone areas so long as the edges are sealed with a non acetic silicone gel. Generally, we recommend our smart glass for bathroom applications versus our smart film as it is less prone to damage from water. 

Common applications for smart glass in bathrooms include shower screens, bathroom windows and room dividers in master bedrooms and en-suites. 

The use of smart glass in residential projects has been on the rise, particularly in luxury homes. For any homeowner seeking comfort, privacy, security and convenience, smart glass technology is the clear choice. Have a smart glass residential project? Contact us today to get started.

Watch this video to see smart film installation in action in a luxury home in Kelowna in Canada.

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