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to add privacy to your glass doors, windows or walls without curtains and blinds.

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'We love our floor to ceiling windows but sometimes we like to have privacy. We applied smart film to our living room windows . Whenever we want less sun or privacy we use Siri to turn the glass frosted.'

Kate & Todd, Calabasas, CA

smart glass applications

‘Our patients are always impressed by the technology and everyone in the clinic appreciates the natural light!’

Dr. Chandra, Executive Care

smart film privacy

‘We replaced the walls with Smart Glass walls and now our office space feels a lot bigger, more open and connected and we don't have to use as much artificial light.'

Jonathan Chan, Prestige Software Services, California

smart glass boardroom

'Smart glass allows us to balance an open educational environment with natural and school safety. We also use smartglass as a whiteboard! Amazing product!'

Trina Goodman, New Jersey Department of Education

smart film design

'As an interior designer, the ability to go from clear to opaque is like magic! We've been able to really expand our use of glass in our design projects. '

Jenny Hokanson, Interior Designer, Dallas, TX

smart film arcitecture

'Smart glass turned the boardroom in our law office into a privacy haven where we can conduct confidential meetings. Rest of the time? We let the light flow freely through our office.’'

Marquis Carriere, Chicago, IL

smart film law office

Why have ordinary glass when you can have switchable glass?

Create a dynamic, multifunctional living space with smart glass technology.

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