Window Coverings For Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors are a great way to save floor space and optimize natural light and views. Read this article now to learn about window coverings for sliding doors and innovative alternatives to traditional window treatments like smart glass and film.

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Sliding doors are a popular option for any space whether it’s a house, apartment, office or public space such as a hospital or school. Why? They preserve floorspace while giving you easy access to the outdoors and allowing natural light and fresh air in. Sliding doors are often used for interior features such as glass walls, while others are exterior facing and provide beautiful views of the outdoors.

However, one of the drawbacks of sliding doors is choosing a window treatment to cover them. Due to their large size and location, sliding doors can be difficult to cover with conventional window treatments. While you could simply leave your sliding door bare, this may result in a lack of privacy or too much sunlight coming through.

So what options are best for covering sliding doors?

The most obvious option is curtains or blinds. However, these aren’t always the perfect solution. When used on exterior facing sliding doors, curtains and blinds may be blown around by the wind and damaged, get wet or become dirty quite quickly. Regardless of where the sliding door is located, the curtains and blinds may also get caught and damaged as the door is being opened and closed.

Instead, you may want to opt for a more modern solution. Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing instant privacy. Smart glass is installed just like regular glass by any glazier and smart film is applied to the surface of existing glass, transforming it into switchable glass. Smart film can be installed as a do-it-yourself project or by professional window film installers.

Advantages of Using Smart Glass and Film On Sliding Doors:

Movement: Smart glass and film move with the sliding door, so the glass will be covered regardless of whether the doors are opened or closed.

Low Maintenance: Smart glass is cleaned just like regular glass. Say goodbye to dusting blinds and having curtains cleaned. Smart glass and film are also less prone to damage than curtains and blinds.

No Noise: Blinds and curtains can make noise when sliding doors are open and a breeze is coming through.

Instant Privacy: Switchable glass goes from clear to private in a fraction of a second, providing instant privacy.

Control & Convenience: Smart film and glass can be switched on and off via a remote control, button, wall switch, smartphone, home automation system or voice command.

Security: Being able to instantly section off areas and make them private has a huge impact on security, whether it is home security, school security or another space. Our smart glass product is also laminated and tempered safety glass and acts as a barrier against forced entry.

Clean Look: Privacy glass and film give your sliding doors a sleek, minimalist appearance. Smart glass will also never go out of style, unlike the trends of curtains and blinds that go in and out of fashion.

Soundproofing: In addition to providing privacy, smart glass has built-in soundproofing properties that keep noise out and conversations in.

Versatile Wiring Options: At Smart Glass Country, we have dealt with all kinds of installation scenarios and are experts when it comes to discreetly wiring smart glass and film on operable glass surfaces. For sliding doors we offer everything from magnetic connectors to power transfer loops and doors that are delivered pre wired and ready for installation.


If you are looking for a window treatment solution for your sliding doors consider smart PDLC glass. Contact us today to discuss your exact requirements and discover how smart glass will work on your sliding doors.

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