Why Smart Glass Is Becoming a Design Trend In the Hotel Industry

Smart glass and smart film help hotels stand out from the competition by providing privacy on demand, making rooms look more spacious and wowing guests. Keep reading to discover why smart glass is becoming a major hotel design trend.

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Nowadays it takes a lot to standout in the hospitality industry. With so many options available, how does one hotel standout over another? More and more travellers are choosing hotels based on experiences and novelty. Adding the latest smart technologies for convenience and comfort of guests is definitely one of the best ways to make an impression and smart glass technology gives hotels that much needed ‘wow’ factor.

Smart Glass Room Divider

Smart privacy glass and smart film go from clear to frosted when powered on and off, providing instant privacy. Here are five reasons smart glass is becoming a major trend in modern hotel design:

Privacy On Demand

When people are travelling together and sharing a hotel room it can be difficult to offer guests privacy and comfort. Switchable glass makes it easy to integrate glass bathroom enclosures, doors and room dividers into any hotel room without compromising on privacy. Smart glass and film can instantly be transformed from clear to private with a wall switch, remote, button, smartphone or voice command. 

Illusion of More Space

The majority of hotel rooms aren’t large spaces, especially in densely populated metropolitan hubs such as New York City, London and Toronto. At the same time, spaciousness can be a major factor for potential customers when evaluating different accommodations.

Smart glass walls and doors create the illusion of more space by connecting areas that would usually be blocked off such as bathroom walls, shower enclosures and glass partitions. At the same time, it gives guests the option to have privacy when desired.


The more guests are able to customize a hotel room to their needs the more comfortable they will be. Being able to alter the look of their space makes for a user friendly and memorable stay. 

Smart Glass For Hotel Windows

Hygienic  & Low-Maintenance Hotel Rooms

Conventional curtains and blinds hold onto dust, allergens and odors and can be time consuming and expensive to clean. Smart glass is cleaned just like regular glass and can be cleaned as often as necessary, making it far easier to maintain a clean and sterile hotel room.

Return On Investment

When you make a lasting impression on guests they are more likely to share their positive experience in their reviews, ratings and social media posts. Smart glass makes a lasting impression and might just be the difference between an ordinary hotel room and an extraordinary one. Smart glass may make the difference between a 3 star review and a 5 star rating.

Building a hotel? Remodelling an existing one? Here are some popular applications for smart glass in hotel rooms:

Smart Glass Room Dividers

Smart glass is a popular choice for interior glass walls and room dividers. By including smart glass as an interior design feature, you can make hotel rooms look and feel bigger without compromising on the privacy and comfort of your hotel guests.

Switchable glass walls are also a popular choice for adjoining rooms where privacy may be desired at times and openness at others. In addition to providing privacy, smart glass has noise reduction properties that make hotel rooms quieter and more serene. 

Bathroom Enclosures

Privacy glass can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms so long as it is sealed with a neutral silicone. Popular bathroom applications include shower enclosures and bathroom windows. 

Hotel Room Doors

Switchable glass and film can be used on all kinds of doors from swing doors to sliding doors. Smart glass doors are another great way to make hotel rooms feel bigger and can be used for bathroom doors, doors between adjoining rooms and exterior facing doors that open out onto balconies or terraces. At Smart Glass Country, we offer innovative wiring solutions for different doors. Contact us for more details.

Smart Glass In Hotel Common Areas
Smart Glass Wall In a Hotel Spa and Pool Area

Smart glass makes a great first impression on guests. As a result, many high end and luxury hotels have opted to feature smart glass in their lobbies, gyms, spas and other amenities. We can embed switchable artistic designs and logos in the glass to create stunning visual displays.

When switched to frosted, smart glass becomes the ideal surface for rear projection screens. Many hotels use smart glass to create dynamic displays or double as a whiteboard in business centres. 

Stand out from the competition. Contact us to order smart glass or smart film for your hotel project today. 

At Smart Glass Country, we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience which helps us find the best solution possible for our customers. We have worked on many exciting projects at home in the United States and Canada as well as overseas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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