Why It’s So Important to Use UL Certified Smart Film & Glass

Our switchable smart glass and smart film products meet international standards and have undergone rigorous testing for your peace of mind. Keep reading to find out why Smart Glass Country is a leader when it comes to creating outstanding privacy glass and film.

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While we have confidence in all of our switchable glass products, back our products with warranties and do everything we can to ensure our products are safe, we understand the importance of meeting the standards of third party certifications. 


That’s why we have gone to great lengths to put our products to the test and get them UL rated by Underwriter Laboratories. We want to give our customers peace of mind. 

 Our Products


Switchable glass goes from clear to frosted in a fraction of a second, providing instant privacy. This effect is achieved through the action of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC). In the presence of an electrical current these crystals align, making the glass transparent. When powered off, these liquid crystals scatter the light and the glass becomes opaque.


This makes smart glass and film electrical products and as such they should meet international standards and have the necessary certifications for safe operation, such as the UL certification. 


What Is a UL Rating?


UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a safety organization that has been certifying products for over a century to create a more secure world for both consumers and workers. They set the industry standard by testing new products.

What Does Obtaining a UL Certification Entail?

Underwriter Laboratories continually checks products to ensure they adhere to stringent standards. These tests include things such as making sure wire sizes are correct and that devices can handle the amount of current they claim to be able to. They also examine products to make sure they have been constructed correctly and safely. 


When our customers see that UL seal of approval they can rest assured that they are working with a safe product that meets the highest standards.


UL Rating for Peace of Mind

Obtaining a UL Certification has allowed Smart Glass Country  to innovate its safety standards and align with industry-wide best practices. We are dedicated to consumer safety and creating premium, high quality switchable glass products.

Why UL Ratings Should Matter For You

The most obvious hazard of any electrical product is the risk of fire. Most people have insurance to help them with the costs associated with the destruction of property if there were to be a fire. However, insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to avoid upholding claims. If, say, an inspector determines a fire was caused by an electrical component that was not UL certified, an insurance company can choose to deny the claim. For this reason alone, many people opt for certified products. UL certification adds a layer of protection and accountability for accidents, as well.


Last but not least, a UL seal is a way of assuring our customers that our guarantees are not simply a sales ploy. Underwriter Laboratories is a third party service that provides a genuine indication of an item’s safety and longevity.


Interested in ordering smart glass or film for your space? Get in touch and one of our knowledgeable product advisors will reach out to you. 


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Visit our warranty page to find out more about how Smart Glass Country stands behind its products. 


Wiring Smart Glass and Film


We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge about wiring and installing our products. Privacy glass and privacy film can even be installed on operable glass walls, windows and doors. Watch this video to see our clever wiring solutions. 


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