The Smart Project: Switch To Switchable Glass

Have you ever imagined the same piece of glass could change from clear to opaque and back again? Now, this thought is a reality. Smart Glass Country is you one-stop shop for all of your smart glass needs. We have the most innovative solutions for your smart glass project with the best, most precise fit for any application. It’s a platform for innovative smart glass products such as windows, doors, walls, skylights, partitions and more. Our smart glass provides an unmatched combination of natural light, comfort, security, and energy efficiency.


Smart Glass, aka. Switchable Glass

Smart glass, or switchable glass, changes from translucent to transparent using electro-chromatic technology. It transforms from clear to opaque and back again when it’s exposed to voltage, heat, or light. Also known as smart windows or switchable windows, this glass changes from clear to frosted every time you use an electric switch.  It’s useful in a variety of different applications, from providing a hygienic privacy solution in the health care industry to improving beautification in architecture and interior design.

Electric Glass

You can also describe smart glass as electric glass because it uses electricity to work. When an electrical voltage passes through the glass, the liquid crystals inside it line up, switching the glass from clear to opaque. Electric glass will transform between its clear state and opaque state any time you decide to change it with a switch.

Magic Glass

Residential customers often refer to smart glass as magic glass because that’s how it seems to work. You can use magic glass in place of curtains and blinds, and to create interior partitions. It helps improve energy efficiency and provides long-term savings by controlling the amount of light that enters a building, which helps regulate temperature and reduce heating and cooling costs. This feature increases the value of a residential property. Magic glass also helps simplify maintenance by fighting microbes that can grow in and around buildings. This glass contains silver ions that destroy bacteria on its surface, which helps reduce maintenance costs over time.

Privacy Glass

Health care consumers refer to smart glass as privacy glass. It provides patients with privacy and dignity while allowing healthcare professionals to observe patients at the flick of a switch without the danger of contagious infection. Privacy glass helps provide a clean, comfortable environment for health care workers and their patients, which assists their recovery and well-being. Ideal for examination rooms, patient room, and operating theatres, privacy glass helps maximize patient satisfaction and comfort in health care facilities.

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