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Smart glass can be combined with security glass to create the ultimate privacy and security solution. Keep reading to discover how fire resistant, ballistic, blast resistant, attack resistant and cyclone proof smart glass are making spaces more secure and modern.

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Modern buildings contain far more glass than the buildings of the past. This means glass must do more than simply provide a window to the outdoors. Nowadays, glass must enhance the security of buildings and plays an integral role in protecting occupants, preventing break-ins and other safety breaches.

All of our smart glass products are made with laminated and tempered safety glass that goes from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch. While these properties make our switchable glass products more secure and durable than standard glass, our products can be combined with a number of security glass to provide complete solutions for various applications.

Fire Resistant Smart Glass

Fire resistant glass is often specified for commercial buildings as it helps protect valuable business equipment, information and inventory from fire damage and can slow the spread of fire throughout a building or facility. 

We can create switchable fire resistant glass that instantly adds privacy to spaces and eliminates the need for other window treatments that could be flammable.

Attack Resistant Privacy Glass

Balancing security and privacy with transparency and openness can be a challenge. Smart glass is one of the best solutions for these concerns, as it can instantly become private and can be made with attack resistant smart glass. 

Our switchable glass is made attack resistant by adding a layer of polycarbonate between the glass panels to strengthen its structure. This solution is popular for storefronts, partitions in government and police offices and other exterior facing applications that are subject to vandalism.

Bullet and Blast Resistant Smart Glass

Buildings with lots of glass surfaces face unique security challenges and may require special types of security glass such as blast resistant and ballistic glass. By combining security glass with smart glass technology we create the ultimate security solution as the glass will go from clear to private in a fraction of a second in addition to providing superior performance. 

Ballistic glass is designed to safeguard occupants and assets from firearm projectiles such as bullets. In addition to providing protection from firearms, ballistic glass is able to withstand repeated impacts from other things such as hammers, bricks, crowbars, rocks and other common burglary tools. Ballistic glass is commonly used in police departments, military bases, prisons, banks and embassies. 

Blast resistant glass has plasticity and energy-absorbing properties thanks to the addition of polymer interlayers, such as PVB.  The shockwave of an explosion can turn pieces of glass into deadly projectiles. Blast resistant glass helps prevent this from happening. It is ideal for government buildings that may be the target of terrorist attacks, train stations, airports and chemical and nuclear plants. Blast resistant glass can be combined with smart glass to create the ultimate security solution with built-in privacy.

Cyclone Glass

Some buildings require hurricane protection, especially in states like Florida, Louisiana and part of Texas. Our cyclone proof smart glass provides complete protections against hurricanes, severe storm conditions and excessive wind speeds. Our hurricane rated smart glass can expand and contract, providing maximum protection from debris, and will remain intact even if it shatters, preventing shards from flying into the interior. 

Any type of glass can be made switchable. Do you have a project that requires special security glass or is rated to meet particular building codes? Look no further, order smart security glass with privacy on demand. Contact us today for a free quote.

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