Why You Should Choose Smart Glass For Sliding Glass Wall Systems

As spaces get smaller and more glazing is incorporated into architectural designs one thing is obvious- glass must do more! Smart sliding glass wall systems are a truly dynamic solution to many of the design challenges faced when working with glass.

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As the cost of both residential and commercial space continues to rise so does the popularity of sliding glass walls and doors. They are a great way to make any space look bigger and brighter while conserving valuable floor space. Sliding glass walls started out as an office design trend but now they can be seen everywhere from homes to hotel rooms and modern classrooms.

The main challenge with sliding glass wall systems is privacy, as conventional curtains and blinds are ill-suited to their mobile nature. Fortunately, innovations like smart glass technology solve this problem by offering privacy on demand.

Keep reading to learn more about switchable glass sliding wall systems and discover how they can transform your space. 

What Is a Sliding Glass Wall System?

Sliding glass wall systems aren’t just for patio doors and windows, they are frequently used as room dividers and corner offices, making it easy to design flexible spaces that can be customized to the unique layout of the space without expensive renovations or disrupting the interior’s natural light. 

Sliding glass partitions and doors are extremely versatile and can be installed in just about any room. 

Smart Glass Sliding Doors & Walls

Smart glass sliding walls and doors work just like regular sliding glass wall systems. The only difference is that the glass can be switched from clear to frosted whenever privacy is desired. 

Smart glass sliding walls are a popular choice for modern hotel rooms, conference rooms, condos and home patio doors. Sliding glass walls add a touch of elegance and luxury to any space.

Benefits of Smart Glass Walls


Do your needs stay the same throughout the day? Of course not. Neither should your living or workspace. Smart glass sliding walls adapt to the changing desires and needs of occupants throughout the day. The walls can be opened up entirely, visually or made completely private. The choice is yours. 


Glass walls allow natural light to penetrate deeper into a room, increasing access to natural light. More natural light means better sleep, increased productivity and improved mood. Additionally, sliding glass doors can be opened up, allowing for extra airflow. 


Smart glass is the perfect complement to any minimalist design. Say goodbye to bulky curtains and blinds and hello to privacy and clean lines. Glass also never goes out of style, unlike traditional window treatments that can make a room look very dated.

Improved Acoustics

In addition to providing privacy, smart glass sliding doors come with built-in soundproofing at no additional cost, a feature that normally costs around $100 per square foot. Glass is a great way to make spaces look open and connected without excessive noise.

Enhanced Views

By incorporating more glazing into the design of a space you can amplify views by making them accessible from all kinds of different vantage points. Have an amazing ocean view? Use glass walls to make it more visible throughout your home. Have an office floor with a great view of the downtown skyline? Show it off by using more interior glass.

Make a Lasting Impression

Smart glass adds novelty to any design, creating memorable experiences for guests, staff and visitors alike. It can be quite challenging to make a design standout these days. Smart glass is a high tech privacy solution that is sure to make a lasting impression.

Energy Efficient

Switchable glass walls and doors decrease the need for artificial light by increasing natural light. With natural light flowing deeper into the space the sunlight will brighten the room for free.

Any Type of Glass Can Become Smart Glass

Smart glass can be made using double or triple glazed glass, vacuum sealed glass, insulated glass units, low iron glass, curved glass… you name it!

Already have glass installed? Simply apply smart film to any glass surface to transform it into switchable glass. This option is the perfect retrofit option and less expensive than replacing existing glass wall systems. 

 The Takeaway

Smart glass sliding walls are the ultimate sliding glass wall system. Contact us today and share your ideas or project details to get started. Send us your dimensions and we will be happy to give you a free estimate for our smart glass, smart film or both products for comparison. 

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