Why Smart Glass Sliding Doors Are Such a Trend

Read this article to find out why smart glass is becoming a more and more popular choice for sliding doors in offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and luxury homes. Enjoy privacy on demand while being able to open up your space whenever you like.

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Switchable glass and film are a top choice for sliding doors where conventional window treatments simply don’t work. With smart glass technology, you can create a sleek modern look that is unaffected by the movement of the sliding door, unlike curtains and blinds. 

Smart glass gives occupants the best possible levels of safety and privacy. When powered on, the glass will be clear. When powered off, the glass will look frosted. This effect is as functional as it is futuristic. 

At Smart Glass Country, we work with many of the top sliding door manufacturers in the USA and Canada to create the best sliding smart glass doors available. Our company is well known for its expertise in wiring glass on switchable glass doors, including automatic sliding doors, and our solutions are praised by architects and designers alike.

Smart Glass For Sliding Office Walls & Partitions

Today’s offices need to be clever and ensure that they fully utilize their space. Many offices feature open floor plans with sliding glass partitions and doors. This keeps offices looking bigger, brighter and more open and connected while maintaining independent spaces for meetings or distraction free work time.

Privacy Window Film For Sliding Patio Doors

Our smart film product is a popular choice for patio doors. This is partly because it is the perfect retrofit option and can easily be installed on existing glass surfaces.

Smart Glass For Automatic Garage Doors

Our smart glass product has been selected for some pretty unique projects, including deluxe glass garage doors in a luxury home. Smart glass allowed our customer to enjoy looking at his car collection from the interior of their Miami home with the option to open and close the smart glass sliding doors at any time. Whenever privacy was preferred, he can simply switch the glass to opaque. 

Installing Smart Glass & Smart Film On Sliding Doors

Switchable glass is installed just like regular glass and can be installed by any glazier.

Switchable film is applied to the surface of existing glass, thereby transforming it into smart glass. 

Both products should be wired by a certified electrician.

Watch this video now to see Smart Glass Country’s innovative wiring solutions for glass doors:

Controlling Smart Sliding Doors

Both smart film and glass can be controlled via a wall switch, remote control, smartphone, voice command or home automation system. Watch this video to learn more about controlling smart glass:

Cleaning & Maintaining Smart Glass Sliding Doors

Maintaining and cleaning smart glass and film is far simpler than any blinds, drapes, shutters or curtains that are easily damaged and collect dust and germs. Smart glass is cleaned just like regular glass with alcohol or glass cleaner.

Our smart glass sliding doors are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces and can be found everywhere from hotel rooms to restaurants, offices, universities and even secret intelligence and military projects.

Have a project in mind? Want to ask a question? Get in touch with us today to discover how sliding doors equipped with privacy glass will work for your scenario.

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