Smart Glass Customizations: Switchable Blinds, Logos, Artistic Designs and Colors

Discover how businesses are adding a ‘wow’ factor to their commercial spaces and artists and filmmakers are using our technology to make an impact.

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Get creative with switchable glass technology. Smart glass can be used to create everything from switchable blinds to custom logos and artistic designs.

Smart glass technology almost seems like magic as it goes from clear to frosted. This is accomplished through the work of a Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) layer. When the power is switched on the crystals align and create transparency, when the power is switched off the crystals randomly orient and scatter the light, resulting in opacity. In addition to providing instant privacy, PDLC technology can be carefully layered to create switchable blinds, logos and artistic designs. Smart glass also comes in various colors. 

Here are a few customizations Smart Glass Country specializes in:

Switchable Blinds

Smart blinds are a great option for those who are looking to have partial privacy in addition to being able to make their glass fully transparent or opaque. We offer horizontal stripes, vertical stripes or any other variation that suits your design. Simply switch the blinds on and off as you transform the glass from clear to private. 

Switchable Logo Designs

Make a strong first impression on clients and customers with a logo that appears and disappears from glass surfaces. Smart Glass Country has successfully installed smart glass with switchable PDLC logos in offices, commercial spaces and store windows. This is accomplished by laser cutting the logo and creating different switchable layers of PDLC film that can be controlled separately. The layers can then be switched from clear to frosted to showcase your brand as a transparent logo on frosted glass or opaque logo on clear glass. The glass can still be switched to completely transparent or frosted and the logo will simply blend in and become invisible. 

Switchable Artistic Designs

Using the same layering process we use to create switchable glass, Smart Glass Country can create artistic designs. Add intrigue to any glass surface with the design of your choice. In addition to making glass windows, walls and doors high tech and beautiful, our products have been featured in art installations from Manhattan to Los Angeles. 

Smart Glass Colors and Tints

Smart Glass comes in a variety of colors. Our smart film product can be applied to any colour of glass you wish or to polarized glass to combine the effects of self tinting glass with privacy on demand. Please note that we cannot make glass go from clear to colored, only from clear to frosted. 

Smart Glass in Movies and Television

There are lots of innovative ways to use our products. Smart glass and film have been used to create special effects in major motion pictures and television series. Indeed, PDLC technology does make ordinary glass extraordinary.

Get creative with smart glass. We are always amazed to see the innovative ideas our clients have for our products. Have a project in mind? Contact us today to make your vision a reality. 

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