How Smart Glass Boosts Productivity and Profits In Offices

Natural light makes for a healthier, more productive workplace. These benefits translate into reduced costs and increased output for companies, which improves their bottom line. Design with smart glass technology to increase exposure to daylight in offices.

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When it comes to the workplace, the brighter the better. While artificial lighting may serve an important purpose, increasing natural light is an essential part of designing or updating any office. Maximize daylight and how it flows through workspaces by increasing glazing and incorporating smart glass into commercial design.

People spend 80-90 percent of their time indoors, so it is imperative that those indoor environments include as much natural light as possible. Now think about how your organization plays an integral role in providing natural light. Workers spend on average 5 hours and 42 minutes at their desk each day, so employers have a responsibility to create healthy working conditions.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review found that access to natural light was the number one thing employees desired in their office. Ensuring that employees have access to natural light can have a bottom-line impact on their performance, health and engagement.

Smart Glass Add Natural Light and Boosts Productivity And Profits In Offices

The benefits of natural lighting are scientifically-proven:

1. Natural Light Boosts Productivity

Exposure to natural light helps people sleep longer and more deeply than those who are not exposed to natural light. In fact, working next to a window translates into 46 minutes of extra sleep when compared to those who do not sleep next to windows.

We all know that a good night's sleep is essential to being highly productive. Better sleep and more natural light also decrease headaches, eyestrain and the blurred vision commonly associated with fluorescent lighting.

2. More Light = Fewer Absences

Better sleep equates to better overall health. A study at the University of Oregon found that the quality of the view at a person’s desk and their exposure to natural light are related to the amount of sick leave employees take. Those with nicer views and more sunlight took 6.5 percent fewer sick days than others. 

3. A Happier Workplace

The relationship between natural light and vitamin D is well established. Vitamin D promotes better health and helps ward off depression and chronic pain, especially seasonal depression commonly experienced in the darker winter months. Creating an optimal workplace for all employees, not just executives, can help companies attract and retain top talent. 

4. Higher Engagement

Employees feel more engaged and focused when they are working in natural light. They are also more likely to collaborate with other team members, resulting in more productivity and success.

5. Natural Light Increases Sales

A study conducted by Pacific Gas & Electric found that sales in stores with skylights were 40 percent higher than sales in stores that used only fluorescent lighting!

6. Natural Light Increases the Value of Commercial Spaces

Natural light makes spaces look more open and inviting, which makes them easier to rent. Office spaces with ample natural light tend to lease two to four dollars more per square foot than office spaces with little to no natural lighting.

7. Lower Utility Costs and Less Environmental Impacts

Approximately one third of commercial electricity costs are due to artificial lighting. Adding more natural light and designing with glass can lower that number.

How to Maximize Natural Light in the Workplace

Any company that is looking to empower employees to be more healthy and productive needs to ensure office spaces have ample natural light. So how can companies increase natural light?

Include Large Windows In Your Design

The most obvious way is to increase the number of windows. If you are designing a building from scratch you may want to include floor to ceilings windows in your specifications. However, in many cases this is not possible and organizations must work with what they already have.

Eliminate Curtains and Blinds by Installing Smart Glass

Curtains and blinds are often cumbersome to adjust and may be left partially or completely closed. Smart PDLC glass and film go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand and cutting the glare from sunlight while still letting light filter through. This feature makes it easier to incorporate more glass surfaces into your office as they effortlessly transition from clear to private. Smart glass is ideal for new constructions or replacing existing glass. Smart film is applied to existing glass surfaces to transform them into switchable glass. Both products can be controlled via a wall switch, button, smartphone or voice command. 

Add Skylights

If there is not a floor above you then you may have the option of adding skylights to flood your space with natural light. Install smart glass or apply smart film to skylights to easily cut unwanted glare from sunlight throughout the day. 

Glass Walls

While being near windows is ideal, not all of your office area can be next to a window and more central areas of your office may not receive as much natural light. An open concept office floor can be a solution to this problem, but can lead to more distractions, noise and a lack of privacy. A great way to let natural light reach farther into your office is to use glass walls. Switchable glass walls go from clear to frosted in a fraction of a second and can also be used as whiteboards or presentations screens when opaque. This makes them ideal for conference rooms and partitions. Smart glass also includes soundproofing properties that keep workspaces quiet. 

Glass Doors

As with solid walls, doors can block light and act as a visual barrier. Smart glass technology can be combined with all kinds of doors whether they are sliding doors, swing doors, folding doors or frameless.

Ready to boost the morale, productivity and mood of your team while improving your bottom line? Invest in smart glass technology and your organization will experience the ROI. Contact Smart Glass Country today for a free quote. 

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