High Tech Window Treatments For Modern Spaces

Say goodbye to traditional curtains and blinds and hello to these high tech window treatments. Whether you’re looking for shade, privacy or a modern touch of luxury, one of these innovative options will suit your needs.

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Can you imagine a building without windows? It’s no wonder why glass is the most popular building material in the world, but it poses some serious design challenges when it comes to privacy, security and light control. For centuries, curtains and blinds have been used to address these concerns. Nowadays, there are much more modern ways to control privacy and shade windows, though many people aren’t aware of them.

Watch this video and read this article to learn about the most innovative window treatments available:


Smart Glass goes from clear to frosted when powered on and off, providing privacy on demand. When powered on it looks just like regular glass, when powered off, it becomes frosted and acts as an electronic blind. This option is great for minimalist designs, public spaces, offices and windows that are hard to cover with conventional window treatments.

Even glass that has already been installed can easily be transformed into switchable glass. Smart film is applied to existing glass, transforming it into smart glass. It can even be installed as a do-it-yourself project, making it the perfect retrofit option.

Both smart glass and film can be controlled via a wall switch, remote, smartphone or voice command.


Photochromic glass self-tints when sunlight hits the glass. This property is caused by the photochromism effect; a series of reversible reactions that cause the glass to change with the light. This makes the glass heat resistant and is a great option for windows that get lots of sun, warmer climates and areas where you want to cut the glare from sunlight without blocking the view.

The passive self-tinting action is convenient for areas that are not being adjusted manually throughout the day, such as public buildings and schools, where reducing heat gain can make a significant impact on energy costs over time.


SPD (suspended particle device) glass goes from clear to dark like photochromic glass. However, SPD glass gives you complete control and does not self-tint. You can manually adjust SPD glass to block 99% of UV light. The glass switches in just 3 seconds, which is significantly faster than self tinting glass. These quick transitions make SPD glass a popular choice for cars, planes and trains. SPD glass is also popular in architectural design as it can contribute to LEED points, making projects greener and more energy efficient.

The downside? Self-tinting photochromic glass and SPD glass don’t provide privacy.


Motorized blinds have been around for a while, but remote control motorized blinds are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now, you can close blinds or adjust their tilt with a few commands to Siri or Alexa. These are a great option for the busy parts of your home like the kitchen or living room.

As technology and design become more and more intertwined there is no reason to be limited to curtains and blinds that are difficult to clean, go in and out of style and need to be adjusted manually.

Think outside the box and explore these high-tech options. Contact us today for a free quote on our switchable glass products.

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