Transform Ordinary Glass Into Rainbow Glass With Prismatic Window Film

Prismatic window tint can be applied to any glass surface to turn it into dynamic rainbow glass that changes color with the angle and light. Keep reading to learn more about this trendy new window film.

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Prismatic window film instantly transforms boring glass surfaces into captivating rainbow glass. The film changes color with the angle and light, making it dynamic and ever changing. Watch this video to see our prismatic film in action:

Where Is Prismatic Film Being Used?

Rainbow window film is ideal for making dull spaces more engaging and can be used anywhere from reception areas to preschools and homes.

Tired of looking at grey skies? Apply prismatic film to windows to brighten up any space. Rainbow window tint is popular on the west coast where long, rainy winters are the norm.

Prismatic film also works beautifully for interior glass applications such as room dividers or glass in stairwells. 

Have a window without a great view? Prismatic window film is ideal for spaces where you want natural light but have an unpleasant or uninteresting view such as a salon with a street view, windows facing parking lots or industrial areas or windows overlooking alleyways or other buildings. Prismatic window film allows you to maximize natural light and turn otherwise dull windows into one of your most compelling interior design features. 

Catch the Attention of Passersby With Rainbow Glass

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for retail spaces to standout and create in person experiences that compete with online shopping. Prismatic window film is dynamic, not static, changing color as you walk by. This makes it ideal for grabbing people's attention and a great feature for shopping malls and other high traffic retail areas. 

Rainbow Window Tint In Schools & Preschools

Children love color. The interior design of any preschool, daycare or primary school is typically far more colorful than your average space. Prismatic film is an inexpensive, easy and safe way to make any child-centered room look more cheerful and engaging. 

Waiting Rooms and Reception Areas

Another popular application for prismatic film is reception areas in clinics, spas, dental offices and waiting rooms where people may be sitting for long periods of time. Adding visual interest to areas like these provides novelty and can keep customers entertained in the interim. 

How Is Prismatic Window Film Installed?

Transforming existing glass into rainbow glass is easy. Simply clean the glass and apply the film the way you would apply a screen protector to a smartphone. Prismatic window tint does not require any electricity to operate, making it simpler to install than our smart film product.

How Transparent Is Prismatic Film?

Our prismatic window tint is just as transparent as regular glass, it simply adds the rainbow effect to glass surfaces without blurring or interfering with the transparency of the glass. 

Ordering Prismatic Film

Ready to turn ordinary glass into dynamic rainbow glass? Contact us to order prismatic window film today. We do custom individual orders as well as sales to film installers and resellers.

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