Minimalist Office Design With Smart Glass

Glass is a great way to make offices feel more open and connected while complementing minimalist design. Smart glass and film are innovative window treatments that make glass instantly become private without adding clutter.

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Just as automation and paperless operations are increasingly seen in the workplace, the principle of ‘less is more’ is being extended to modern office design.

Minimalist office designs typically feature an open floor plan, neutral colors, simple furniture and an increased use of glazing whether it is floor to ceiling windows or glass walls or doors. Although there are many benefits to having more openness and transparency there are also privacy and productivity concerns. This is why many architects, interior designers and glaziers are recommending smart glass for office use.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass and film go from clear to frosted when powered on and off, allowing employees to effortlessly transform office spaces from open to private in a fraction of a second. This makes workplaces far more dynamic than traditional curtains or blinds that have to be manually adjusted and may make distracting noises when doing so.

Smart film is applied to the surface of existing glass to transform it into switchable glass. This makes it a great option for offices where the glass is already installed. Smart film can be installed in a matter of hours by window film installers. 

Smart glass contains the switchable PDLC layer sandwiched between two pieces of laminated and tempered glass. It is installed just like regular glass, with the exception of the wiring, and can be installed by any glazier. Due to its structure, smart glass comes with built-in soundproofing that further enhances privacy and productivity in offices.

Common applications for switchable glass in offices include glass conference rooms, individual offices, reception areas and glass partitions in co-working spaces. When switched to clear, smart glass makes office atmospheres feel open and connected, just like regular glass. This can significantly impact company culture and promote idea sharing. By maintaining privacy as an option, employees can minimize distractions and keep meetings confidential as necessary. 

The Elegance of Smart Glass

Switch glass creates a clean, sleek and light aesthetic free from heavy drapes that are prone to wear and tear and can become outdated in a matter of years. Similarly, smart glass is less prone to damage than blinds and motorized blinds. 

Switchable Logos and Artistic Smart Glass Designs

Each smart glass order is completely customizable. At Smart Glass Country, we can even embed switchable designs through careful layering of the PDLC layers. 

Smart Glass for Presentations

In addition to providing instant privacy, smart glass can be used as a whiteboard or rear projection screen. When the glass is switched to opaque it can be used as a projection surface, eliminating the need for expensive retractable projection screens.

Have a project in mind? Contact us today and share your project details (such as measurements, where the glass is located and any unique specifications) and we will get back to you within one business day.

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